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The Episode starts with Titli saying I will get the house papers by arranging money. Baa asks how, the store got burnt. Ankit says by getting the culprit punished. Titli says its good you have come. She gives the proof and says find him soon. Ankit sees Garv and says he won’t get saved. He thanks her for help. He leaves. Garv smiles seeing a dog run after Ankit’s bike. He recalls putting the bones in Ankit’s bike. Ankit falls down the bike. Titli runs to him. Garv throws the packet in water. He says this got spoiled, its useless now, you keep the investigation on. Titli says it got spoiled, how will we find the culprit. Garv and Chintu ask her to forget it and move on. Garv thanks Ankit for helping Titli. He smiles and thinks how will Ankit prove that I had ignited the fire. Manikant comes home. Maina says I wanted to talk to you. He goes. She goes to him and asks how long will you stay upset with me, I have said sorry many times, talk to me, I didn’t know Alpa didn’t give food to Babuji, we will go to your fav place and have lunch. He goes. She cries. Garv and Titli come home. He asks her not to stay sad. She says I thought the culprit will get caught and your money will be returned. He says no, its okay, go, we will meet in evening. He leaves. She smiles and thinks of answering the family. He comes back and says I know your mood is bad, so I came to bring a smile on your face, I will wait for you at 8pm at the restaurant, there will be something special. He goes. Dhrishti argues with Titli. Titli says I didn’t tell Garv anything against you, I m your friend. Dhrishti says forget it, I will never get friendly with you. Maina asks Manikant to please forgive her. She says sorry, talk to me. He says this mistake shouldn’t happen again, promise. She promises him. They sit to have food.

She feeds him sweets. Koel comes and throws the sweets. Maina asks what’s this. Koel says the sweets have sesame seeds. Maina says I know Manikant and Garv’s allergy, why would I order sesame sweets. Koel shows the box and says I have seen the sesame seeds. Maina says I have checked the menu and ordered it. Manikant goes. Koel says its good I had seen it on time. Maina gets angry on her and scolds her. Koel says you think I did this intentionally. Maina says yes, go out of my room. Koel cries and goes. Titli sees her. She goes and calms down Titli. She does her hair massage and makes her smile. Maina gets angry. Dhrishti says Titli insulted me. Sandy says I can understand, wait, my new driver has come, can I call you in sometime. He sees Chintu.

He says you came late. Chintu says sorry, it was Rakhi festive. Sandy says you can get ashamed to work for me as a driver, we used to study together. Chintu says no, I need this job. Titli goes for an interview. She thinks I couldn’t tell Garv about the interview call, he would be waiting for me. She recalls Garv’s anger. Garv waits for her. He sees the time. He calls Titli. She replies, sorry, give me 15 mins, I m busy. She gives the interview. He gets angry and leaves. He comes home. Titli comes and gives him a bouquet. She says sorry, I was talking to a big decorator, I got a job.

Titli says I got a big order. Garv says just I have a right on your time. Koel scolds Titli for getting the poisonous flowers. Titli says the flowers aren’t poisonous, it means Garv is doing this intentionally to stop me from going to work.

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