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The Episode starts with Titli saying I got a job, what happened, are you still angry. Garv asks about the salary. She says 15000rs. He says wow. He asks her to sit and calculate, when will she return the 17 lakhs. He scolds her. He says we will calculate it together, your salary is 15000rs, you will give 5000rs to Paresh every month, 10000rs remains, 120000rs saved for a year, you will take 14 years to return 17 lakhs to me. He hurts her. He says you think I will tolerate your madness for so many days, no way, did you understand or not, we will calculate again. Her finger bleeds. She cries. He tells her again. She says you are hurting me, please leave me. Garv imagines this. Titli says I m sorry, you didn’t wait for me and came home. He says you mean I should have stayed there. She says sorry, I got a job, salary is 18000rs, it will increase with experience, sorry to make you wait, sorry. She hugs him. He crushes the flowers in anger. He says its okay and smiles. He asks are you happy, I just wanted your smile, my wife is much talented, what’s the shop name. She says buds and petals, they are famous decorations. She hugs him and says you are the world’s best husband, you wanted to make the night special, give me some time, I will just come. She takes him outside and surprises him. She says its my thanks for a caring and supportive husband. She makes paneek tikka for him and feeds it to him. He smiles. He also feeds the food to her and gives a rose. She asks how would you give the stars to my date. He says five stars. She smiles. They dance happily. Tum kya mile…plays….

She says you have given me the sky to fly. He says just in case, if I asked you not to go for work, what would you do. She says I would have gone by convincing you, its not just my dream, it gives me peace and confidence. He acts sweet. He says all set for the first day at job. She says yes, they will call me to update. He thinks call won’t come. He recalls calling the company owner and asking him to not keep Titli on job. He says Titli is a careless girl and she got the shop burnt where she last worked. FB ends. Garv says cheers to your new job. Titli gets the man’s call. The man says no need to come, you are fired. She asks why suddenly. The man says we can’t hire people like you. Garv scolds him and says my wife is talented. He disconnects. She worries. He cheers her and hugs. Chintu drives the car. He coughs. Sandy talks to Dhrishti. She says its no hygienic, he is coughing since a long time. Chintu says its because of cigarette smoke. Sandy says just drive. She asks who is smoking. Sandy says my driver is smoking. She says change the driver, I m ready, I will meet you at café in 10 mins. Garv comes to Titli and says I want to tell you something, but you may feel bad, do you think you could have paid my 17 lakhs by your 18000rs salary, it would take a lot of time, think about it, the job was at a florist shop, think something big, find a big job, I can’t see you in stress, I want to see you happy always, about Paresh’s house papers, I will talk to Manikant. She says no, he is already annoyed. Maina comes to Manikant. She says I know about the allergy. He says Koel checked the box, you didn’t check it well, you have taken me for granted. He goes to sleep. She cries and thinks you didn’t think I will be so hurt, this is happening because of Koel. Dhara says I will talk to Dhrishti. She sees the pillows in Dhrishti’s place. Sandy and Dhrishti are at the café. She sees Chintu and hides her face. Sandy asks what happened, is there a spy here. She says just come with me.

Titli talks to Bhakti on call. She says I don’t know what to do and how. Bhakti says don’t doubt yourself, you are creative, you can create an opportunity yourself.

Titli says I got a big order. Garv says just I have a right on your time. Koel scolds Titli for getting the poisonous flowers. Titli says the flowers aren’t poisonous, it means Garv is doing this intentionally to stop me from going to work.

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