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The Episode starts with Titli and Garv crying. She thinks to be strong and enters the house. She sees Garv. He stops her. He sees her wound. He says I have just hurt you, break this relation, I m a bad person, I m disgusting, you are very nice, you deserve a better guy, just go and live your life, go and tell everyone what I did with you. She says no, I want to know why did you react like that. He says I beg you, don’t ask me anything, go and move on. Everyone comes and wishes Garv. Koel asks Titli what happened, how did you get hurt. Titli doesn’t tell anything. Maina asks her to see the arrangements. Titli says everything will be done. Koel says have breakfast first, Garv, you have to go to temple and pray. They all go.

Garv says you just go away for your betterment. Titli says it needs my consent also, I will decide about the relation, you have to answer me first. Chintu takes Sandy’s chat pic. Sandy is sleeping. Titli sees her wound and does the aid. She says why did Garv react like that. Dhara sees the pic. Titli asks about it. Dhara says I don’t know, Koel scolded me when I asked about it. Titli asks why. Dhara says no, its our family secret.

Titli thinks I had kept this pic with the other pics yesterday. She takes the pic. She goes to Koel and asks about the boy. Koel is shocked. She says no one, go. Titli asks why, is there any secret. Koel says you don’t need to know this, I will not leave you if Garv sees this pic. Titli thinks what is it. Everyone gets ready for the retro theme and comes. Everyone wishes Garv on his birthday. Hiren and Dada ji ask Manikant to get ready. Titli comes. Garv sees her. Dhara says Titli looks lovely. He thanks her. Everyone goes. Garv says thanks, you didn’t leave me and go, ask me what do you want to ask. Monica comes and hugs Garv. She compliments Titli and asks how did you get hurt. She asks did you do anything special. Titli recalls. Monica says its okay. Titli says I want to talk about yesterday. Garv refuses and goes. Jaishri gets a gift for Garv. She says I pray for a guy like Garv for Hetal. Hetal says I want a smart and rich guy. Baa asks where is Chintu. Dada ji sees the pic and says Chiku….

Titli asks what’s his relation with Garv. Monica looks on and stops him. She sends him. She asks Titli to stop it, don’t spoil the birthday, I have always supported you, don’t do anything that I go against you, don’t talk to Garv, keep the pic back. Titli says there is some secret.

Titli finds out about Chiku’s death. Koel says don’t ask anything. Manikant says Maina, make it sure that Titli doesn’t know this secret. Garv says just stay away from this matter.

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