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The Episode starts with Garv seeing Titli with the pic. He scolds her for staying back to tell everyone about their fight and gain sympathy. She says I would have told them if I wanted, I haven’t done a favor, I value this marriage, I have a right to decide. Hiral comes. Garv calms down. He asks Titli to meet her family. Hiral taunts Titli and smiles. She says I will find out what’s going on. Titli meets Jaishri and Baa. She compliments them and asks didn’t Paresh come. Jaishri asks how did you get hurt. Titli says actually…

Garv says it happened because of me. Baa says this can’t happen, we know Titli, she might have fallen. Jaishri praises Garv and says he got a job for Paresh. Titli asks where. Jaishri says jewelry shop of Monica’s Sasural. Titli thinks why can’t I understand you, sometimes you give peace like water and sometimes you burn things like fire. Everyone meets. Alpa thinks to ask Jaishri.

Chintu shows Sandy’s chat screenshot to Dhrishti. He says I told you Sandy is cheating you, I would have not told this to you and thought about my job, but I can’t see wrong happening with any girl. She hugs him and cries. Dhara looks on. Monica asks Koel to dance. Maina thinks Manikant will hate it.

Koel dances on Honton me aisi baat…. Titli thinks is that secret a reason for Garv’s anger issues. Dada ji says if Chiku saw Koel dancing, then he would have got happy. Everyone claps for Koel. Dhara cries and says it means Dhrishti and Chintu like each other. She goes to storeroom. A box falls. She puts the box back and goes out. A paper sticks to her shoe. She goes out. The paper falls. Monica takes Dhara. Garv sees the paper stuck on the waiter’s shoe. Hiren comes and calls Garv for the performance. Garv and Titli dance on Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche… Koel picks the paper and keeps it aside. Sandy asks Dhrishti to answer him. She says I m deleting you from my life, I don’t want to talk to you, I got to know the truth. Chintu says you are dating someone else. Sandy says he is lying, he has a secret crush on you. He scolds Chintu.

Dhrishti says stop it, its my house. Titli comes and asks what’s happening. She asks Chintu to keep his manners. Titli says he started fighting first. Sandy says you are Titli’s brother, you did a driver’s job to keep an eye on Dhrishti and me. Titli asks what, driver? Sandy asks Dhrishti to understand, they both are doing this to separate them. Titli says enough now, go from here, else I will call the police. He warns Dhrishti. Titli asks who gave you right to handle her with anger. Garv looks for Titli. Titli sends Sandy and Chintu. She asks Dhrishti to go inside. She says don’t worry, I won’t tell anything to anyone.

She goes and prays. The paper flies to her. She gets shocked seeing the death certificate. She says it means Chiku is no more, who is he, what happened with him, I will find out his connection with Garv. She goes to Garv. Garv cuts the cake. He feeds the cake to Titli and Maina. Alpa jokes. Koel says Garv loves both the mums equally. He feeds the cake to Koel and others.

Titli finds out about Chiku’s death. Koel says don’t ask anything. Manikant says Maina, make it sure that Titli doesn’t know this secret. Garv says just stay away from this matter.

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