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The Episode starts with Koel asking them to find the idol. Titli recalls the workers and runs after them. Garv says where did she go. Koel says it’s a big thing. Titli stops the worker and says show me your bag, I have to check it. She sees the idol inside the bag. The man runs with the bag. The other men catch her. Garv comes and beats the man. He catches the idol. He gives the idol to Titli and beats the men. He asks the man to punch his face. The man asks how. Garv says come on, hit me. He gets Titli’s attention. The man beats Garv. Titli hits the man and saves Garv. The men run away. Garv holds Titli’s hand. He says very soon you will understand, our love and togetherness, its written in our fate. Manikant says Titli is careless. Garv and Titli come. Garv says Titli isn’t careless, she saved the idol. Koel and Maina get glad. Garv says Titli helped me in saving this idol.

Hiren praises Titli. Alpa says Titli should have been careful. Garv says we all should have been careful, Titli saved the idol. Manikant asks them to prepare for aarti. Titli’s family comes. Garv says we are one family, you should come without an invitation. Chintu meets Dhrishti and Dhara. They go away. Titli takes care of Garv. She says you had pushed me, this didn’t happen for the first time, you always forget, what you do and who you are hurting, I m scared, you didn’t care for me. Garv gets angry and says you don’t know how much my heart cried, I was also restless. Hiral records their video. He says I got angry, I try hard to control it, I don’t understand. Titli says you have to understand, what kind of love is this, you hurt me always, this is not right, you have to change. Hiral thinks Garv isn’t an ideal husband, he has hurt Titli. Titli says there would be some reason for his anger, is this kid that reason, I have to find out at the hospital. She goes to call from landline. Sandy calls Dhrishti.

Chintu says Dhrishti, block him, enjoy the function with your family. She asks why are you doing this for me, I insulted you, you should hate me. He thinks I like you. Baa calls him. He goes. Titli calls the hospital and asks for Dr. Rajesh. She says I want to find out about a child, Chiku. Garv asks who are you talking to. Titli says nothing, I was checking the phone. Garv says its okay, come. He shows the clothes he got for them. He says I have hurt you in anger, but I m not a bad person, I m also hurt, I hope you won’t let your anger conquer love, and you forgive me. He goes.

Titli falls down the railing and shouts for help. Garv says give me your hand. He sees Chiku falling and leaves Titli’s hand.

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