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The Episode starts with Rano asking Raja not to get scared of the fire crackers and eat a toffee. Baby says Armaan was at home… Rano stops her. She gives shagun to everyone. She asks everyone to dance. She asks Baby to dance in Armaan’s marriage. She worries. Ekam is at the beauty parlor. Biji asks did Aasma change her decision. Rano calls Sukhi. Baby asks where is Raja, won’t he dance in his brother’s marriage. Rano says Raja was scared of the fire crackers, so I have sent him with Jaggi, who will handle him if he does wrong in the baraat. Biji scolds Deepak. Deepak says Aasma might be in a trouble, I will go and see. Biji says wait, we have to welcome the baraat, Ekam will get her. Preeto does Raja’s aarti. Biji says Aasma is nowhere, I did wrong to trust her. She asks Preeto to tell the bad news to everyone, Aasma has run away, she took away Minty also. Silky says this time, Dhillons won’t leave us alive. Biji says tell everyone that marriage got cancelled. Aasma says no need for that. She goes to Biji and says I can’t think of cheating you, your respect is mine, I just need 5 mins to do some work. She goes to Baby. She says I understand you have done all this. She recalls applying aloe vera and fixing the rashes. She says you would understand that this marriage will happen, I m doing this marriage to join two families, so I won’t tell everyone what you did. Baby asks her not to do the marriage. She says bad will happen with you. Aasma says good or bad, this marriage is my future, I won’t step back. She comes in the mandap. Deepak says Ekam, think your daughter is getting married. Baby says I will see how this marriage happens. Raja asks when will Armaan come. Rano says he will come. Aasma comes to the mandap. Raja says she isn’t Banto. Rano says you are Armaan’s protector, right, you make her wear this garland. Raja says yes, I have to just do acting. He makes Aasma wear the garland. Aasma sees Raja and stops. She is shocked. Biji asks her to make him wear the garland. Aasma says no Biji, he isn’t Armaan. Everyone is shocked.

Aasma lifts the sehra and shows Raja’s face. Ashok asks what’s happening, what is Raja doing here in Armaan’s place, where is Sukhi. Biji scolds them and says you took your revenge, so you got the alliance. Rano shouts enough, Raja is my son, he isn’t sensible like us. Biji says you got alliance for Aasma, you are cheating us, where is Armaan. Deepak asks where is Armaan, where is Sukhi, I will tell him what I can do. Ashok says call Sukhi, we will give him a good reply. Raja cries seeing everyone fighting.

Armaan comes dressed as the groom. He asks them to stop. Everyone smiles seeing him. Raja hugs him and cries. Armaan says you are a tiger. He asks Timmy to take Raja. He says I m the groom, don’t worry, I forgot to get the ancestral broach, I went to get it. Ashok says you think we are fools. Armaan sits on his knees. He lies to them about Raja’s kiddishness. He says think of it as a mistake of a special child and forgive him. He apologizes to Aasma from Raja’s side.

He says if you believe me, then you can make me wear the garland. Baby thinks he is lying. Armaan recalls threatening to kill himself. Sukhi says do whatever you want, I will do what I want. He gets Alia caught. He says this girl will go to jail, you both came here illegally, my one complaint can make her land in jail, no one will know about her, she can’t go to India and meet anyone, I will make her life hell. Armaan drops the gun. FB ends. Armaan thinks I have to do this marriage for Alia’s sake. Armaan and Aasma exchange garlands. He thinks Aasma can never take Alia’s place.
They sit in the mandap. Rano calls Sukhi and asks where ate you, everyone is asking for you. Sukhi says I will come on time. Alia is tied up. Sukhi says until Armaan gets married, this girl shouldn’t go anywhere, keep an eye on her. Alia cries and thinks no, I can’t let Armaan and Aasma’s marriage happen.

The episode ends

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