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The Episode starts with Deepak greeting the family. Sukhi says Deepak, your death got you here, I waited for you for 20 years. He takes a gun and leaves. Armaan and everyone try to stop him. Armaan’s mum prays. Armaan runs after Sukhi. Aasma greets Biji and says dad taught me to hug Biji, will you make Panjeri for me. She says I heard a lot about Preeto Tai ji, I like to learn Phulkari. She apologizes to Minty. She meets Silky Bhabhi and calls out Ashok Taya ji and Kiku Veerji. Deepak greets Ashok. Ashok asks why did you come after many years. Aasma thinks to do something. She goes to him. Deepak says I came because Aasma wanted to meet her family. Biji says she has no family here, you also don’t have anyone.

Deepak asks why, isn’t her family here. Ashok says there is no one here, you know what you did, don’t force me to say that. Aasma says you all are angry on dad, he didn’t come home for 20 years, he was helpless. He says we aren’t helpless to keep you here, do you know what he did. Sukhi comes and says tell her if she doesn’t know. He aims the gun at Deepak. He threatens Deepak. Deepak’s family comes in front. Sukhi says get aside, he won’t get saved today, he has ruined my house’s happiness and respect.

Deepak asks Aasma not to worry, nothing will happen to him, she has entire family to take care of her. He asks Sukhi to shoot. Aasma goes and calls Ekam. Armaan comes and stops Sukhi. Sukhi says you get aside, what does he think, he can play with our house respect and run away. He shoots. Armaan pushes Deepak. Aasma comes and pushes Armaan in anger. She asks how dare you.

Armaan and everyone stop Sukhi. Ashok says take Sukhi away. Sukhi scolds him. Aasma says I have called the police, who are these goons, don’t go out. Deepak goes out. Aasma says don’t go out. Alia talks to Harleen’s pic. Nehmat calls her out. Ekam comes and scolds Sukhi. Sukhi says I don’t listen to anyone. Armaan thinks how will they become Samdhi. He rejects Alia’s call. Ekam says I will put you both in jail. Ashok says Ekam, leave him, you know what happened. Ekam says they can’t use guns. He sends Sukhi and Armaan. Deepak says this guy didn’t do anything, he saved us twice, he is innocent. Ekam leaves. Armaan also leaves on his bike. Alia plays music and dances. Rupy says she will dance and calm her mind. Nehmat says she doesn’t tell what is going on in her mind, I m her mind. Deepak asks Aasma to sit. Aasma asks why do they want to kill you. He says everything is fine. She says they came to shoot you. Ashok asks didn’t you tell your daughter. Deepak sends Aasma with Minty. Biji says nothing changed here, Sukhi came here because of you. Deepak says Aasma doesn’t know anything, I don’t want to tell her. Biji thinks just Deepak and I know the truth. Aasma calls Harleen and cries. Minty consoles her. Deepak comes and stops Aasma. He says don’t cry, they welcome like that in Punjab, if you tell this to your mumma, then she will call you back to Canada. She says your life is at stake, my dream isn’t imp to me than you. He says I m proud of you, you have seen my family standing as shield for me, make your mood better. He recalls Harleen’s words. Alia says I have to go to Canada. Armaan says its imp for me also. She throws the tea. He holds ears and says sorry. He tells everything about Sukhi. He says our life will set in Canada. Alia says Nehmat’s jewellery is missing, everyone is finding it. He says we didn’t steal anything. She says I took it to get 8 lakhs for visa. He asks what, you sold it for visa. She says I mortgaged it, please do something, I m scared.

The episode ends

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