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The episode starts with Alia and Armaan coming to the fraudulent man who took away their money for their visa and cheated them. Alia was almost about to beat him but Armaan stops. She takes some money kept in his drawer. Armaan somehow tries to bring the situation under control. Asmaan does a chit chat with Minti and says that she has always been dreaming of having her own family but now when she is with her family nothing is right. Minti tells Asmaan that not every dream comes true. Asmaan says that there is so much power in love that it can heal anything. While Asmaan speaks of love, Minti looks sad but doesn’t say anything to her. Asmaan assumes that Minti must surely be hiding something from her.

Asmaan and Minti gel up very well. She asks Minti to come with her to have ice cream but she says that due to some wedding rituals she is not supposed to get out of her house now. Armaan and Asmaan both reach the Pawan Ice cream parlour to buy ice cream. Armaan’s mobile drops inside the chiller by mistake. While he tries to find it, Asmaan reaches the stall and takes away his ice cream and leaves Canadian dollars at the stall. Armaan grabs his ice cream as well as the Canadian dollar and stakes it for Alia. Asmaan brings home the ice cream for Minti and asks her if she ever fell in a Veer Zaara kind of love? She looked sad but hid something. Asmaan’s mother arrives and Asmaan asks her to sit by her. She massages Taiji’s legs while telling her different stories and her wish to be with her family.

Alia feeds Armaan ice cream and says that if he doesn’t take any step she would be married off to some other man arranged by his family. Armaan says that he would take him away in front of everyone. He gets a call from Bunty informing that Jaggi is trying to commit suicide so he leaves in his bike. Asmaan tells her father that maybe Minti is not happy with her marriage. Deepak says that everyone gets confused before marriage but he is sure that she would definitely fall in love after marriage. He says that he wonders how Asmaan’s life partner would be. He wishes that Asmaan gets such a partner who always keeps her happy and fulfils all her wishes.

Armaan stops Jaggi from commiting suicide. Nehmat and others search for their jewellery while Alia brings the jewellery back that she stole again. Then she thinks of a plan to put it somewhere in a way that no one doubts her. She keeps it in a place and asks everyone to look for it properly. Nehmat hugs Alia and thanks her for solving her problem. Alia is asked to get ready soon for Minti’s wedding. When Armaan asks why Jaggi was trying to take such a drastic step, he says that he can’t live without someone. He says that he loves Minti Dhillon but it is her sangeet the next day. Armaan thinks that he would get him married to Minti by any means.

Precap: Armaan plans to kidnap Minti from her wedding for Jaggi!

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