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The Episode starts with Aasma thinking why isn’t Minty happy, how to find out. The guy says Minty is getting engaged. Armaan says don’t worry, we will get Minty, all is well. Aasma says tell me if there is anything. Minty says everything is okay, get ready on time. Aasma says I have to do dance practice. Bhabhi says its big Indian wedding, everyone will be there. Aasma says I want to meet everyone. Alia gets ready. Nehmat says you didn’t wear the dress which I gave you. Alia says its zip broke. Nehmat asks how. Ekam comes and says leave it, we shall go now. Aasma says I like this mehendi function. She talks to the girls. Deepak meets Ekam. Ekam says Aasma is a nice girl. Nehmat says I also want to meet her. Deepak recalls Harleen’s words. Ekam says this is my daughter Alia. He says Ashok is my good friend. Alia thinks of Armaan. Armaan says we will take Minty from there and get her married to you. He lies to the family about attending a play. He leaves with his friend.

Aasma thinks I wish Minty gets her love. Alia thinks Aasma is Deepak’s daughter. Aasma and Alia greet each other. Alia worries and goes to Silky Bhabhi. She says I m excited for sangeet. Ekam says I got some imp work, I have to leave. The girls dance. Aasma and Minty put ghunghat over their face. Armaan comes there. Alia sees him and smiles. He races the bike to get Minty. Alia thinks he has come for me. He takes Aasma with him. Everyone worries and says where is he taking Aasma.

Nehmat calls Ekam. Alia thinks did he not see me. Aasma asks Armaan to leave her. He says I m setting your life, I m not your Romeo, you are spoiling my friend’s life, can’t you raise voice for love. She asks who. He says Jaggi, my friend, she doesn’t love you. She says I don’t know any Jaggi. They argue. She shouts drop me home. Ashok and Deepak worry. Ekam comes and says calm down, I will find him, send me Aasma’s pic. Deepak says I will forward Aasma’s pic. Alia thinks Armaan will get beaten up now.

Armaan gets Aasma to Jaggi and says you said she is wearing pink suit, she is saying she doesn’t know you. Jaggi says I don’t know her, she isn’t the one. Armaan and Aasma see each other. She scolds him. Jaggi says wait madam ji, you both end this fight, she isn’t my lover. Armaan says you should have told me clearly. Jaggi says you dialled the wrong number. Armaan says she wasn’t getting quiet. Aasma asks what do you mean. Minty gets Jaggi’s call. He says there is a problem. She asks what, he was your friend, he took Aasma with him. Nehmat asks Deepak not to worry, nothing will happen to Aasma. Alia says why did Armaan take her. Deepak goes to find Aasma. Alia gets angry on Armaan. She calls Armaan. She scolds him. She asks him to come back. He says listen to me, I will come in 5 mins, I love you a lot, I didn’t get her for my sake. She asks then for whom. Aasma says I know people like you.

The episode ends

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