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The Episode starts with Armaan saying I love you a lot, I got that girl for my friend. Aasma scolds him. Alia also scolds him on call. He shouts and asks them to stop. Alia asks is that girl there with you, I will kill you. He says listen to me. Aasma says tell me your name, I will call the police. Jaggi stops Armaan. Armaan says she has seen my face, what shall we do now. He stops Aasma. Minty comes and stops Aasma. Aasma hugs her. Minty says I love Jaggi. Jaggi says sorry, my friend got you by mistake. Armaan says Jaggi was going to die. Minty asks Jaggi did you go mad. He says I can’t live without you. They hug.

Aasma says fortunate people get such love, we will convince the family, come home. Armaan smiles. She gets Ekam’s call. She says I will tell him I m safe. She answers the call. She says I had called you, I m fine, I will come home in 30 mins. Ekam says okay. Armaan thinks I got saved. Aasma and Minty come home. Biji scolds them. Ekam comes and asks who was that guy and where did he take you. Deepak asks Aasma to tell them. Aasma says we have to think what Minty wants, will she stay happy after this marriage or not.

Biji asks what do you mean. Ashok says don’t try to get involved in our family’s personal matter, shut up. Deepak says listen to her once. Aasma says Minty doesn’t want to marry. Ashok taunts Deepak. He asks Preeto to take Minty to the room and slap her. Preeto says I want to talk to Minty and ask her what’s in her heart. Minty cries. Armaan and Jaggi look on. Minty tells everything. She cries and says I don’t want to do this marriage. Aasma holds her.

Armaan says Aasma is strong. Ashok raises hand on Minty. Aasma comes in between. Alia sees Armaan there. Armaan asks Jaggi to go. Jaggi says its not Aasma’s mistake, I m your culprit, you can beat me, I love Minty a lot, she loves me. Ashok gets angry. Alia thinks to teach a lesson to Armaan. Ashok scolds Aasma for ruining their respect. Ekam says children are saying right. Ashok goes. Ekam says everything will get fine. Nehmat looks for Alia. Alia and Armaan fall down. They have an eyelock. She argues with him. He says I thought she is Minty, I m not a fool. She says you are a big fool. She splashes water on him. She asks him to stay away from Aasma. Ashok apologizes to the groom’s family. The man shouts and cancels the marriage. Ashok scolds Deepak and says you and your daughter ruined my mistake, Minty’s Sasural broke the marriage. Biji asks who will marry Minty now. Aasma cries.

The episode ends

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