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The Episode starts with Aasma running somewhere and crying. She says I wanted Minty to get her love, did I do anything wrong. Ekam comes and consoles her. He says such things happen in families, don’t worry, come with me, I will inform your family, you need ginger tea. Armaan talks to his family. He says love isn’t easy. Chachi says his age is of marriage now. Alia calls him. He doesn’t see. He thinks Alia is upset with me. His mum asks him to sit quiet. His sister says its about some girl, right. Alia says I m angry and he is showing attitude, no, I also did wrong, he would be hurt, how shall I convince him now. Armaan takes a bath. He thinks I will convince Alia, I m coming. Alia gets an idea. She says I will go and surprise him.

Ekam brings Aasma home. Aasma likes the house. Alia jumps outside and leaves. Nehmat asks Aasma are you fine. Aasma greets Bebe. Ekam introduces Aasma to Rupy. Nimmo says Nehmat praised you a lot. Everyone blesses Aasma. She gets Harleen’s call. Harleen says you forgot your mom. Aasma doesn’t get her voice. Harleen says Aasma shouldn’t know that Ekam is her dad. Nehmat asks Aasma to have the food. Aasma drops the tea on her dress. Nehmat asks her to go and change her dress. Ekam says Alia is in her room, go to her. Alia goes to Armaan’s house. She tries to get inside from the window. Armaan comes to meet Alia and climbs the pole. Rupy sends Aasma to Alia’s room. He says she is Deepak’s daughter, I feel we also have a relation with her. Bebe says daughters are same for everyone. Aasma calls out Alia. Alia lands in Armaan’s room. Armaan hugs Aasma and flirts. He kisses her. She shouts. He sees her in the mirror. He says sorry and hides. She asks who is there. Chachi hears some sound and thinks who is in Armaan’s room. Ekam asks what happened. Aasma says there was someone. Armaan goes.

Aasma thinks maybe he was Alia’s boyfriend. She stops Ekam and says I made a mistake, maybe some rat. Armaan says she is calling me a rat. Alia asks Armaan’s brother not to tell anyone. Sukhi comes and asks where is the thief. Alia hides and hears the family talking. Alia leaves. Armaan comes home and sees Alia falling. He runs and holds her. He says dad will shoot you if he sees you, I had gone to your house, someone was there in your room. She asks who. He thinks I can’t tell her name. Renuka says Alia leaves and we don’t even know it. Ekam says Alia isn’t ready for marriage. Aasma says if she likes someone and maybe she is scared to tell you all, sorry to say this. Ekam says its okay. Nehmat says we will have no objection to Alia’s choice. Rupy says we know she likes someone. Armaan says there was some girl, not you. Alia asks did you catch that girl. He says no, I will identify you in crowd also, I didn’t hug or kiss her. Alia stamps his foot and scolds him. She says its okay, I have to go home. She thinks who was in my room, I have to find out.

The episode ends.

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