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The Episode starts with Ekam saying we will get Alia married to her love. Rupy says we help the lovers in uniting. Aasma smiles. She says sorry, I got late, dad would be waiting, I want to say something, Bebe your family is very cool, you are cute, love and understanding are mindblowing, I always wanted such a family. Rupy blesses her. Armaan comes and asks his mum what did she make. She says its your fav. Sukhi says sit and have food. Armaan eats the food and says tasty. Sukhi hears Ekam’s name and gets angry. He refuses to have food. He says I hate Ekam and everything related to him. Arjun says if Armaan falls in love with Ekam’s daughter… Sukhi says I will kill him.

Biji asks Aasma to take her bags and leave. Deepak says Aasma and I will shift in a hotel, she has to complete her university project. Preeto says let them stay here. Ashok says no, he will stay here. Aasma cries and requests Biji.

Chachi says there is breaking news, Minty’s marriage broke. Sukhi says we won’t go to that family. She shows Aasma’s pic and says my friend clicked this pic, Minty’s marriage broke because of Aasma. Sukhi says Deepak is unlucky and his daughter is the same. Bua takes Aasma’s pic and tears it. Armaan’s mum says don’t say bad about her, don’t know how they are treating her. Biji takes a stick in hand. Aasma closes her eyes. Biji drops the stick. She says I will give you 10 days, finish your work and leave with your dad. She asks the family to take care of them. Aasma thinks I don’t know what happened here, I will win everyone’s heart. Alia cries and talks to Cherry. She says I tried hard, don’t know how is Maa there. Cherry says poor Harleen. Alia says I will go to Maa.

Alia and Armaan meet a friend. Armaan says we can’t get fake passport, we will get trapped. She says I have to go to Canada, let me try once. She asks the guy to do her work. Armaan says I won’t go by illegal way. Alia asks what did you go, we have no life here, we can’t unite here, our dads will end our love story, once we board the Canada flight, it will be fine, we can’t marry here, are you fed up of me. He says you are my life.

She says then trust me. She asks the guy to make their fake passports. The guy says it will be done. She gets happy and hugs Armaan. She says we will have icecream and then go home. They leave. She says now no one can stop us from going to Canada. They talk about their dads’ enmity. Ekam is on the way. He says I get angry seeing Sukhi. Alia and Armaan see the Canada Air plane. She says we will start a new life there. Ekam sees Alia. He says who is she talking to, who is there with her. Armaan says your dad is Amrish Puri of DDLJ. He jokes. They laugh.

Ekam goes to see. Alia sees Ekam coming. Armaan hides. Ekam sees Aasma with Alia. Aasma thinks I m sure Alia didn’t tell anything to Ekam about that guy. Armaan leaves. Aasma says I came to return Alia’s clothes. Ekam asks Alia to take Aasma home. Aasma says I have work. Ekam says fine. He goes. Alia says I can handle my things. Aasma says I know, I felt you didn’t tell anyone at home, I don’t mind keeping the secret. Alia asks why are you being so friendly. Aasma says anyone can be friendly. Alia says maintain distance. Aasma says you are very cute. Alia says I know.

Armaan asks the guy Timmi about the passports. Timmi shows the fake passports. He says we will make you Harman and Alia as Anju. Aasma calls Timmi and says I m waiting for him at the centre. Timmi says she has come here for Phulkari research. Alia says we will handle her, Armaan will go, she didn’t see you right, you do the passports work. She asks Armaan to become Timmi. Armaan comes to meet Aasma. The dupatta falls over his face. He sees Aasma and worries. He thinks to leave. She takes the dupatta off his face and stops him.

The episode ends

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