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The Episode starts with Armaan says let me go. Alia says no, I won’t let you go. Alia hears Ekam’s call. Ekam comes in. Baby asks Rano to have dinner and come. Rano says maybe Armaan won’t come. Aasma says Armaan said he will come. Raja says Armaan has come. Aasma smiles seeing him. Armaan meets everyone. He says I was at the hospital, I got late. He sees Aasma. He recalls getting saved from Ekam’s sight and fleeing from the window. Alia hugs Ekam and says I m okay. Armaan leaves from there. FB ends. Everyone treats Armaan well and asks him to have the food. Preeto says Deepak has made all the food. Rano asks how does he know Armaan likes all this. Aasma says I asked Tannu. Baby says then I don’t need to worry for Armaan, Aasma is taking care of my son’s every happiness, bless you. Aasma smiles.

Alia comes there. Armaan stops Raja. Alia says I have come at the right time. Preeto says you are also this house’s daughter. Aasma says Alia is Ekam’s daughter. Armaan worries. He stops Raja from calling Alia. Alia says Ekam gave this gift, I thought to come and give it. She gives the gift to Armaan and holds his hand. Raja sees them and smiles. Armaan tries to get away. Alia says gift is for you both. Aasma comes. Armaan and Alia leave the gift. Aasma says thanks, I will keep it. Alia sits to have food. Deepak says I have made a special dish. Alia says the food looks like five star menu. Alia holds Armaan’s hand. Minty says its Aasma’s place, you sit there, please. Alia thinks its my place. She says sorry, sit Aasma. Aasma sits. Alia makes Armaan drop the food on his clothes. She says sorry, I got an urgent call, I didn’t see. Baby looks on. Minty says your clothes got spoiled. Aasma says I will show the washroom. They go. Aasma asks shall I clean it. Armaan says no, I will do it, thanks. She goes. He goes to clean the stain. Alia hugs him. He gets shocked. She asks what happened. He stops her and asks what are you doing here. She says I will ask you something and I won’t go without getting the answers. Biji says Aasma, go and see Armaan. Alia argues with Armaan. Alia recalls Ekam’s words. She asks why did you message Ekam and call me home. Armaan says you were not letting me go. He recalls messaging Ekam. He says I did that for you, if dad reached there, then don’t know what would have happened. Alia says I will do what I find right. Aasma comes. Her dress gets stuck to the nail. She comes to knock the washroom. Armaan shuts Alia’s mouth. He makes an excuse and says don’t worry, its okay. The door opens. Aasma gives him the towel and says I will wait downstairs. She steps on the soap and falls. He holds her in arms. He says you go, I will come. She goes. Alia gets angry. Armaan goes.

Armaan says we should go now. Biji tells about a rasam and asks Armaan to make Aasma wear the anklet. They ask about Alia. Baby sees Alia coming and thinks is she coming from where Armaan has come. Armaan sits to make Aasma wear the anklet. Alia gets angry.

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