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The Episode starts with Aasma asking are you Timmy. He says yes. They argue. She scolds him. She goes and greets the lady. She says I want to take interview of the ladies, I m doing research on Phulkari. The lady says you can take pics, you can take interview later, I have to prepare the order today itself, we have much work to do. Armaan says let her take the interview, it will make the store famous. He gives money to the lady. He asks Aasma to go and take the interview. She says you gave money. He says I gave her respect. She says click pics, so irritating. He says she irritates me a lot.

He gets Alia’s call. She asks him to show the Canadian old lady. He says you made me stuck between the chunris. Alia says he is so lovely, he does a lot for me, I should do something for him. She gets an idea. Aasma asks can’t you take pics well. He says I m taking it already. She says click my pic. Alia goes to cook food. Nehmat and everyone joke on her.

She says I don’t want anyone’s help. She asks them to go out. Aasma clicks pic. Armaan asks shall I wear this saree and stand. The lady says it’s a lovely jodi. Aasma and Armaan hear it. Alia makes the sweets and thinks to feed it to Armaan. Nehmat thinks Alia is very happy. Armaan gets Alia’s call. He says I m hungry, this old lady isn’t leaving me. She says I have a surprise for me, finish your work and come to meet me at the café. He says how will I live without you. He sees Aasma and says I m talking to Timmy, he told me that it will take 6 hours, but its 7 hours now. She asks what. He says I mean I said it, Timmy is very professional. Alia says its impossible to get a loving man like you, Armaan is very imp for me, no one can love me like Armaan, I also love him a lot. The lady hugs Aasma. He says it’s the effect of money. Aasma says no, its love and emotions effect, take this money back. He asks her to sit in the back seat, just his GF can sit in the front seat.

Alia decorates the café area. She smiles. Aasma guides Armaan by checking the GPS. She asks him to drive faster. He speeds up. She asks him to take left turn. He takes the right turn. The car stops by a rock hitting it. He worries. Alia hears the girls talking. She says Armaan will take me to Canada. Aasma asks what did you do. He asks what. He gets Alia’s call. He says I m Moga’s Jatt, you are commanding me. Aasma says you are good for nothing, I will make sure you will lose this govt job. He says do anything you want. She says I will complain about you. He says no, Timmy will lose job and our passport won’t be made. He calls Timmy and says car broke down, send a car, madam is waiting. Timmy says got it, send the location. Aasma says don’t show me attitude again. Alia waits for him. Aasma comes home and talks to Preeta and Biji. She gets Phulkari dupatta for Biji. Biji throws it and says give it to your mum in Canada. Preeto gets sad for Aasma. She says I will send your lunch. Aasma says I want to have food with all of you. Preeto says you should have it in your room. Aasma says I came here for my family, I can’t give up, I have to do something. Armaan comes to the café. He says I think she got upset and left. Renuka says Alia was happy and now she is angry. Ekam says I pity the one wo will bear her anger all life. Alia cries and plays music. She breaks things and dances. Armaan comes to meet her. He holds her close.

The episode ends

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