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The Episode starts with Alia seeing Tiger. She runs and hugs him. She says you kept the promise and came on Rakhi. Tiger says you got engaged and didn’t tell me. Alia says I didn’t get engaged, what did you get for me. Nehmat and Ekam go. Tiger asks Alia to tell the truth. She says relax, I will tell you. Harleen asks Aasma to come back. Aasma says yes, I will call later, Biji is calling me. Biji says enmity has changed into relationship, Aasma came and everything changed. Aasma says dad got his family, everything will be fine, I have to meet Armaan. Rano feeds Armaan and says your roka is done. Alia asks Tiger to help her. He says done. Ali enters Sukhi’s house.

She hides from everyone. Ekam comes to Alia’s room. Tiger is lying in her place. Ekam says I got your fav banana milkshake, come, have it. Cherry comes. She says let Alia sleep. Ekam goes. Cherry asks Tiger where is Alia. Raja sees Alia and says Armaan’s Banto. Baby sees a girl and asks who is there. Raja says Baby has seen Banto. Alia wakes up Armaan. He sees her. She says you didn’t answer my calls, I was worried, Aasma will be your wife and come to this room. He says your name is written on your heart. Aasma says my engagement is close, I have to meet Armaan and know if his thinking matches me. Raja stops Baby. She says let me go inside. She calls Sukhi and Bobby. She asks them to come soon. Armaan says Alia, Bua has called everyone. Baby says Armaan had roka with a girl, and has other girl in his room. Rano asks what are you saying. Baby says a girl went inside, go and check. Sukhi recalls seeing Armaan with a girl. Alia says I will hide. Armaan says no. Raja says there is no one inside. Sukhi raises hand on him. Rano says let your dad go inside. Sukhi scolds Raja. They enter the room. Armaan acts to be sleeping. Sukhi asks where is she. Armaan asks who. Baby says I have seen that girl, Armaan has hidden her. Armaan asks who. He sees the earring on the bed. He sits there and hides it. He says let me sleep now. Aasma comes home and sees Alia leaving. Sukhi says Baby, you created a scene. Rano says you are always after my son. Baby cries and says I m unlucky, my family isn’t with me. Armaan says stop it, its okay, don’t tell her anything, I m with her. Rano asks Baby to see, he respects her. He thinks sorry Bua. Baby goes.

Armaan says I hope Alia reached home. Alia says I came to give notes to my friend, why did you come. Aasma says I came to meet Armaan. Alia says groom and bride don’t meet after roka, if Sukhi sees you then he will not leave you, he is very strict. Aasma says I will meet him and come. Alia says I m not that much bad, I m saying this for your good, just go home. She sends Aasma. She says Aasma shouldn’t know about Armaan.

Aasma says I hope Armaan isn’t like Timmy. She says Minty, make me meet Armaan today. Minty says don’t worry. Alia ties the rakhi to Tiger. She gets his fav candy for him. He says you reminded my childhood, ask anything you want, shall I get a nice groom for you. She runs to beat him. She says you helped me yesterday, no need to give any gift. Rano talks to Armaan. She asks will you forget us after going to Canada. He hugs her. Biji asks Aasma to tie the rakhi to Kiku. Aasma smiles and does the Rakhi rituals. Raja comes and ties the rakhi to Armaan. He hugs Armaan and says you love Banto, right. Armaan says yes, I will marry Banto. Raja says yes, Banto will come. Rano asks who is Banto.

Armaan says his fav cartoon character, go and watch cartoon. Rano laughs.
Minty calls Armaan and says I m Aasma’s sister, we are coming to big mall, will you come. He says yes, why not, she didn’t see me and agreed to marry me, why. Minty says she respects elders. He says good, she doesn’t know how obedient I m, we will meet. Minty says he is dying to meet you. Aasma thinks I have taken a big risk. Armaan says make her refuse to marriage. Aasma thinks I will get all my answers today.

The episode ends

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