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The Episode starts with Alia seeing Armaan’s burnt hand and caring for him. He holds her close. She kisses his hand. He smiles. She hugs him and cries. He says I got my passport. She asks do you have mine also. He says yes but… She checks and says you saved my passport. She sees the burnt passport. She says it got burnt. She cries. He says we will go to Canada. She asks how will we go. She argues.

She says you are just consoling me, you didn’t try to take me there, you don’t know I had made many preparations, you broke my dreams, I don’t want to listen to you, don’t show me your face, leave me. She goes crying. He gets angry and leaves. Aasma talks to Minty on call. She asks where is Biji. Minty says mum took her outside, you come soon. Aasma says I m coming. Armaan comes there and sees her. Alia says what will I tell Maa. She recalls Harleen. She sees a mother and daughter. She recalls the girl’s words. She says I heard you talking in the restaurant, I want to go to Canada, get me married to any guy on papers. The lady asks for money. Alia says you will get it, I will go there and write my own fate.

Armaan tries to hide from Aasma. He bumps into her. They both fall. The garlands fall in their necks. Dil jaaniya….plays…. He says I can’t call it my good fate, are you stalking you. Aasma asks are you out of your mind. They argue. He says I will untie these garlands, wait. She looks at him. The guy says I like the girl. The lady says deal done, get my 11 lakhs. Alia says 20 lakhs. She gives her earrings as shagun. The guy says I think she likes me. She says I want to get my visa. She scolds the guy. She leaves.

Baba ji blesses Armaan and Aasma. He says coming days will get tougher for you both, some new chapters will open in your life’s book, it will change your life forever. Aasma looks at Armaan. She scolds him. She sees his burnt hand and worries. He asks why are you hurt seeing my wound. She says don’t leave burn wound open, it will get septic. She ties her chunri. Alia’s chunri is fallen there. Tere sapno ki duniya…plays… They argue. Armaan’s family see him with Aasma. Chachi says Aasma is Deepak’s daughter. Bua stops Aasma and scolds her.

Aasma says I don’t know you. Biji comes and takes Aasma with him. Armaan comes to meet Alia. He calls her. She ignores the call. Biji asks Aasma what was she doing. Aasma says I had work. Biji says I also have work, go home. Aasma thinks to visit Ekam and invite him for Biji’s birthday. Ekam tells the family about fake passport scam. He says Aasma helped me a lot in getting the real culprit caught, I feel she is like family. Nehmat says yes, she is like our Alia. Alia comes. She says I want to talk something imp. Ekam asks her to say. She says I want to get married. They get shocked. Ekam says tell me who is the guy, we will talk to him. Alia says I will make you meet him. She gets the guy Suraj home. She says he is from Canada, he is a nice guy, he will take me to Canada after marriage, he has Canadian citizenship also. She thinks does Ekam doubt me, my plan will fail.

The episode ends

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