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The Episode starts with everyone questioning Suraj. Alia says he is from Canada, just agree for the marriage so that we start the paperwork. Ekam asks what’s all this, when did we say we will get you married in Canada. Armaan comes to meet her and calls her out. He says her dream didn’t get fulfilled. He hears Alia talking to her dad. He stops. Nehmat says Ekam, we will talk calmly. Ekam scolds Alia. Armaan thinks are they talking about me. Ekam says you won’t go to Canada. Suraj asks what, no Canada. Harleen asks what, Alia didn’t tell me, who is that Suraj. Cherry says don’t know, she caught someone. Harleen says she is clever, I want her to come here. Armaan comes out in the corridor. Aasma comes home and looks on. Alia argues with Ekam. Suraj says don’t take stress, buddy. Alia says let me talk. Suraj leaves. Aasma sees him and hears Alia. Alia asks why are you against my Canada trip. Ekam says stop it. Armaan worries. Alia says I m not a kid, you aren’t supporting me. Nehmat says Ekam wants to save you, he worries for you. Ekam recalls Harleen.

Alia asks what. Ekam says explain your daughter. He sees Aasma and says you here, come. Alia sees Armaan and is shocked. She makes an excuse and goes to Armaan. She says some family matter is going on, just go from here. He asks what’s the matter, you are asking me to leave, I m worried. Alia says nothing. He asks don’t you trust me. She says I do. She cries. He says don’t lose faith on me, I will die without you, I love you a lot. He hugs her. She says I can’t live without you, go from here, please.

She thinks am I doing wrong. He leaves. She cries. She says I want to go to Canada once. Armaan’s Bua comes home and cries. Armaan’s mum asks her to have water. Bua throws it. Armaan’s mum says don’t tell this to Sukhi, else he will shoot them. Bua asks how can Armaan be with that enemy’s daughter. Arjun gets scared. Aasma says Alia is right, she can take a stand for her love, you should support her, I will also be there in Canada, I will take care of her. Ekam says you are very sensible. Alia sees her and says she has come here again. She scolds Aasma.

Aasma invites them in Biji’s birthday. Ekam says we will come. She says sorry, I will be glad if you come in the party. She leaves. Armaan sadly leaves. Alia sees him and cries. Aasma and Armaan recall baba’s words. Ashok and Biji are at the Gurudwara. He says I wish Deepak and his daughter leave soon. Biji prays. Harleen talks to Aasma on video call. She says I won’t wish Deepak’s Biji, this family and relations are a trap, focus on your studies and career. Aasma says okay. She thinks mum and dad are hiding something. Harleen says Alia is going to come in 5 days, she shouldn’t know about my family. Alia says I m not coming, how shall I tell you, I will come soon. Armaan comes home and stops Bua. Bua scolds him for holding the enemy’s daughter’s hands. His mum scolds him. She asks Armaan what’s your relation with Aasma.

The episode ends

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