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The Episode starts with Armaan beating Suraj. Alia asks him to stop. Aasma enters the house. Sukhi asks what are you doing here, how dare you come. Suraj flees. Armaan scolds Alia. Aasma says I got courage to come here and find out the reason for enmity with my dad. Ashok and Biji come there to take Aasma. Deepak worries. The family stops him. Aasma asks Baby why do they hate her family. She cries and says I feel bad when someone points gun at my dad, there would be some reason, right, tell me please. Armaan catches Suraj and beats him more. Alia says I m not cheating you, I wanted to go to Canada by this fake marriage, I planned to call you there. Suraj and Armaan fight. Suraj faints. Alia and Armaan check him and worry if he has died. Armaan says nothing will happen to him. He lifts Suraj and takes him. Baby says you go to your dad and ask him, ask your mum, Deepak left me in the mandap, I m still unmarried, you are the reason. Sukhi asks didn’t your dad tell you, your mum bribed him with a Canadian PR, so he left my sister. Armaan’s mum says Didi’s roka happened with Deepak, she is still crying for him. Chachi says yes, she couldn’t move on, we got burnt along with her dreams. Sukhi asks can you return her happiness and make her dreams alive, if yes, then I will end this enmity, I know this can’t happen, if any guy did this in my family then I would have buried him alive, go away. Aasma says my dad can never be wrong, he can’t hurt anyone’s heart. Baby says I can’t forget him and forgive him. Aasma says I can’t return your happiness, trust me, forgive him and get peace, please forgive him.

Baby asks her to get lost. Aasma’s hand makes the aarti plate fall. The sindoor falls in her maang. Armaan and Alia take Suraj in the auto rickshaw. Aasma cries. Armaan says Suraj will die, look at his condition. Rab ke khel niraale….plays… Sukhi sees Ashok and Biji. He asks them to take Aasma away. Aasma goes and cleans the sindoor from her face. She sees Suraj hurt. She says Alia’s BF… She follows him. Ashok and Biji leave. Jaggi says Armaan has bashed him a lot, I have to inform Sukhi. Doctor checks Suraj and says it’s a fighting case, I have to inform the police. Armaan says I have beaten him, I will tell the truth, don’t waste time, treat him. Aasma comes and looks on. She scolds him.

Alia says why does she always comes in Armaan’s way. Armaan says spare me now, do anything you want. She gets Deepak’s call. He asks her to come back home. Sukhi comes to the hospital. He asks what, girl’s matter? Jaggi worries. Alia takes Armaan aside and says we should leave. He says no, I have beaten him a lot. She says he is fine, we should go, police is going to come here, if dad knows anything then everything is over. Ekam comes there. Armaan says we will see, we are responsible for his condition. Alia says fine, I will do the aid to you. She says nothing will happen to him, if we get caught then everything will go wrong, we can’t go to Canada. Armaan says we should have humanity, I won’t leave him. Sukhi says Ekam will trap Armaan in a false case. He sees Armaan with a girl. Ekam thinks I won’t leave Sukhi and Armaan if the patient speaks up.

The episode ends

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