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The Episode starts with Sukhi seeing Ekam coming. Ekam warns him. Alia asks Armaan to understand. Armaan sees Sukhi. Sukhi slaps him and asks him to come. The man says a girl came and said someone named Timmy did this. Alia comes home. Rupy says she looks sad, maybe of that guy. Sukhi beats Armaan and asks who was that girl, tell me. Armaan thinks he didn’t see Alia. He says there was no girl. Sukhi says you are lying, I have seen you with a girl, tell me, wo was she. Armaan says she was my friend, she came to meet a sick relative. Sukhi says fool someone else, swear on me. Armaan stops him from hurting his mum. He says I swear. He worries and false swears. His mum says my Armaan isn’t like that. Sukhi says he will go to police station one day. Alia recalls giving the jewellery to Suraj and threatening him of police. She prays for Armaan. Sukhi says get Armaan married to anyone, the marriage will happen in 10 days.

Arjun says please don’t beat Armaan. Armaan holds Arjun. Sukhi asks them to get lost. Bua says Armaan won’t get a girl in 10 days. Armaan’s sisters say he is the best and he will get the best girl. Aasma goes to the Gurudwara. Armaan’s mum does the aid to him and cries. She asks who is the girl, tell me. Armaan thinks to tell her. She insists him. He says I will tell you, I will go to Canada, its my dream. She says I will find a Canadian girl for you. He thinks of Alia. She says we will go to Gurudwara, Baba ji will show us a way. They come to the Gurudwara and pray. Armaan prays to get Alia. Armaan’s mum sees Aasma and thinks I understood, you have sent the shield for my son. Aasma comes home. Deepak asks why did you go there. She says I had many questions and wanted to get answers. He asks her to come in. She says you can’t break anyone’s heart, tell me, why were you helpless. Deepak says everyone has a past, we will go back, finish your project soon. Aasma says no, I will end this enmity and win Biji and Ashok’s heart, you love your family a lot, its not imp that parents solve their children’s problems, children can also solve it, please tell me, why did you leave everything and go. Deepak says stop it, we are leaving for Canada tomorrow. He goes. Biji looks on and says I don’t want to lose Deepak again.

Armaan’s mum Rano talks to Biji and Sukhi. She says I found a nice girl for Armaan. Sukhi asks is it that girl with whom Armaan has an affair. Alia sees Armaan and hugs him. She cries. She asks are you fine. He says I can kill anyone for you, you can beat me and scold me, but I can’t tolerate this, don’t test my love, else I will ruin everything. They cry. She says I made a mistake, I m sorry, you know how much I love you, I will die without you. Rano says I don’t know about his affair, I found a girl. Sukhi asks what’s her name. She says Aasma, Deepak’s daughter. Sukhi gets angry.

The episode ends.

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