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The Episode starts with Armaan taking the rounds with Alia. She stops him and asks what are you doing. He says marriage, we will unite. She asks will our families agree and accept us, no, my dad hates your dad. He asks what shall I do. Deepak says they will never accept you, Harleen was right, she didn’t want to send you to India. Aasma refuses to go. She says I had a dream of a big family, just bless me and fulfill my dream. Biji and Preeto look on. He asks Aasma to call Harleen. She says no, we will talk to her later, you agree for this. Alia says our families will never agree, we will find some idea. Armaan says we have no time, they will get me married to Aasma, can you see me becoming of someone else. She says no, but we have seen many dreams of starting a new life, we have to go to Canada. He says we can’t go, I can’t leave you, I will die without you. He hugs her. The temple bells ring. She sees his Bappa locket. Aasma says I will get my dream fulfilled. She takes the chunri and wears it. Udaariyaan…plays… Aasma asks Deepak to trust her, everything will be fine. Alia says you agree for marriage. Armaan asks did you go mad.

She says marry Aasma. He says you got shocked by the news. She says no, our marriage has no future. He says you are asking me to marry someone else. She says yes. He asks can you tolerate me with someone else. She says no, I can’t leave you and my dreams, we have tried our best, I wanted to marry Suraj for this, I didn’t do, you marry Aasma, this is the only way we have. They argue. He says I can’t ruin someone’s life, I don’t want to marry and go to Canada. He leaves. Alia sits crying. Rano goes to Arjun. He says Armaan would have gone to Gurudwara to pray. Armaan and Aasma pray at the Gurudwara. Alia comes and prays. She thinks I can’t live without Armaan. Aasma thinks I don’t know where this relation will take me. Armaan comes home and sees everyone dancing. Baby says I wish this marriage doesn’t happen. Arjun says I got to know everything, you talk to Baba ji. Armaan says he gave prasad for you. Arjun asks is the girl from Canada. Armaan says don’t tell this to anyone, it’s a top secret. Arjun asks are you happy. The sisters come and tease Armaan.

Ashok says Biji, I spoke to Sukhi, he is waiting, the marriage should happen soon, I will book the wedding hall. Deepak says I will get ready and come. Silky says you should meet the guy, he may not be your type or maybe he likes someone else. Alia comes home. Nehmat asks her to have breakfast. Alia says I m not hungry. Nimmo says she didn’t eat anything since yesterday. Rupy says Ekam, I will talk to her. Alia shuts the door. She gets Armaan’s call. She throws the phone and cries. Rano says your dad wants your marriage to happen in 10 days, I found a Canadian girl, you aren’t happy. He refuses. She says don’t be kiddish, get ready, Aasma’s family is coming for shagun.

He sees Alia’s pic and hugs. Alia hugs his gifts and cries. Rupy comes to Alia and asks her to have churi. Ekam and Nehmat look on. Alia says I m not hungry. Ekam says I think it’s a big matter. Nehmat asks did she get heartbroken because of Suraj. Rupy asks won’t you tell me the matter. Alia cries. Minty asks Aasma why did you say yes for this marriage. Aasma says it was my dream. Armaan says I can’t pay a big price for your dreams, Alia.

The episode ends

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