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The Episode starts with Armaan giving his phone to Raja. Raja attends Alia’s call. He greets her. She thanks him for saving Armaan and her. He says Armaan has gone to washroom, Armaan loves you, I also love you, Armaan will go to meet Canada girl at the mall at 4pm, you will come home. Alia worries. Armaan comes to the mall. Aasma comes with Minty. Minty asks her not to worry, he will be like Aasma. Armaan says don’t know how she liked me. He sees Alia and hides. He says I have to meet Aasma to make her refuse. Alia says he has to marry Aasma. He goes. Aasma thanks Minty for help. Minty says I will call him and ask where is he, we will meet him in coffee shop. Armaan thinks to call Aasma at coffee shop. He imagines Aasma beating him. He takes a rose and says I will give a rose and apologize. Alia comes. He says this is for you, take it. He gets Minty’s call. He takes the call. He asks them to come outside. He acts. Alia says we will do the shopping together. He says we will shop for our marriage. She says we will go out. He thinks Aasma will be there, we will have some food, come. She thinks I won’t let him go to the coffee shop. Sukhi, Rano and Baby come for shopping. Sukhi asks Baby to buy anything she likes. Minty asks Aasma to check some lahengas. Aasma says red is my favorite colour. Alia keeps Armaan busy. Minty gets Preeto’s call. She calls out Alia.

Alia lies to her. Minty says help me in buying a jacket for Aasma’s fiancé. Alia worries. Armaan helps a lady. The lady blesses him. Aasma hears them and says I wish Armaan is like that, Minty shouldn’t know I m not happy with this marriage. Armaan tries a sherwani. His phone falls and goes to other trial room. Aasma picks it. She attends the call. Armaan’s friend says I want to talk to Armaan, are you Aasma Bhabhi. She says okay. She thinks Armaan is there in the trial room. She says your phone fell down. She passes it to him. He thanks her. She says I m Aasma, I came to meet you, we need to talk. He thinks Alia is waiting outside. Rano says I will get the clothes for Aasma. Baby says ask Armaan if he wants to marry Aasma or not. Rano says there is no one in his life. Alia sees Aasma and thinks Armaan is there in trial room. Armaan thinks to meet Aasma. He sees Alia with Aasma. He hides. Aasma says Minty made this plan to meet Armaan. Alia asks Aasma to come. Aasma says I have to meet him. Alia says show the latest designer clothes. Aasma says I have to meet Armaan. Armaan rushes. Alia says I will just come. She calls Timmy there. She says Aasma is here, she hates Armaan, Armaan is here, I want her to see Armaan. Aasma sees Timmy and says Armaan… Sukhi looks around. He says I have to talk to Armaan. Aasma goes after Timmy.

Sukhi asks where is Armaan. Rano says he went out to meet his friends. Alia asks Armaan to confuse Aasma. She asks Timmy to take Armaan. Armaan asks what does she mean. Alia stops Aasma. Minty looks for Aasma. Aasma and Timmy hide. Alia stops Minty and says Aasma is there, I selected a beautiful dress for her mehendi. She asks Armaan and Timmy to run. Aasma says I think Armaan doesn’t want to meet me.

Minty sees Armaan running and says that’s Armaan, where is he running. Aasma says he didn’t meet me, Timmy is also with him. Armaan throws the sherwani and goes. Sukhi sees Armaan running away. He rushes. Minty says your Sasural people are here. Armaan and Alia run. Sukhi says he is with a girl, I will not leave them. Armaan says I want to meet Aasma so that she breaks the marriage. Alia says no, you will do this marriage, we have to go to Canada. Sukhi says he is fooling me. Armaan says I can’t play with someone’s feelings and life. Alia says you said you can give life for me, your life is mine. Armaan says its engagement tomorrow, how will we hide it tomorrow, its wrong. Alia explains him.

He says she hates me. She says its good, she will give you divorce. Sukhi sees Armaan and says he agreed for marriage, he is with girls. Alia says you prepare for next rasam, I will apply mehendi of your name. Alia hugs him. Armaan thinks I won’t let this marriage happen. Sukhi says Baby wasn’t lying, I will not leave him today.

The episode ends

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