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The Episode starts with Alia saying its just my right. She throws the shagun plate. She says this is my right, Aasma can’t become Armaan’s bride, I m Armaan’s love, his childhood love. Everyone is shocked. Sukhi asks what’s this madness. Ekam shouts Alia. Alia says not today, Armaan and my life got ruined because of your enmity. Sukhi asks her to get out. She says no, my roka will happen today else I will die. She argues with Sukhi. She goes to Aasma and says Armaan is only mine, we love each other, he will just marry me. Cherry smiles. She wears the chunri and sits. She says we are made for each other, even our death can’t separate us. Sukhi says how dare you. Ekam catches him and scolds him. They argue. Alia imagines this. Baby comes. Sukhi says I m very happy, you are becoming a part of this Roka. Dadi says yes, we are glad. Baby asks Rano did she forget the rasams. She says make Rangoli first. Armaan goes to Alia’s room. He keeps the shagun for her. He decorates the room. The ladies sing. Alia sees Armaan’s pic. She thinks Aasma will see the pic and reject him. Armaan says Aasma will see the pic and reject, my roka will happen with Alia, but where is she.

He calls her. Alia swaps the pic. Silky comes and takes the pic. She goes to ask Rano. Armaan goes out and sees Lovely and Nehmat. Nehmat says I m feeling strange, I think Alia should have not gone to Aasma’s roka. He worries. Alia comes home and goes to her room. She asks them to leave her alone. Armaan says I have to go there. Alia comes to the room and sees the decorations. She sees Armaan at the window. He hugs her. He does the roka rituals with her. Rano does the same rituals with Aasma. Rano makes Aasma wear the anklet and bangles. Armaan makes Alia wear the bangles. He gives her the shagun. She smiles and covers her with a chunri. He feeds her sweets. Rano says Aasma is ours now. Aasma gets shocked seeing the pic and says Timmy…. Preeto says we have to do shagun to this pic. The Kumkum falls over the pic. Preeto says pic got spoiled. Armaan says roka would have stopped there, Aasma hates me. Alia thinks I changed the pic in time. Harleen calls Aasma and asks for Aasma and Deepak.

The lady says they are busy, Aasma’s roka is happening, congrats. Harleen is shocked and says what are they doing there, my plan can flop while taking revenge on Ekam and Nehmat. Ekam says I have come, I couldn’t see Aasma’s roka with Sukhi’s son, I will talk to Alia. Nehmat says I will also come. Armaan says I will marry you. Ekam and Nehmat come and see Alia with the roka shagun. Nehmat asks what’s all this. Alia says nothing, I also got dreams of Roka if everything went well with Suraj. Nehmat says this moment will come again in your life. Ekam says we didn’t like Suraj. Alia says its okay, I forgot him. He says we will find better guy than the best, he will keep you happy. Alia thinks I found the best. Aasma says I have to meet Armaan. Minty says you can’t meet him, Biji will get angry. Aasma says I have to meet him, why did he say yes, please make me meet him. Minty says I will do something. Armaan thinks why didn’t anything happen if Aasma saw my pic.

The episode ends

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