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The Episode starts with Alia singing Mehendi laga ke rakhna…. Sukhi goes to see. He doesn’t see Alia. He says I will find her out and remove her from Armaan’s life. Pandit says next week, the mahurat is auspicious for the marriage, Sukhi has also said yes. Biji says its our yes also. Aasma says Armaan didn’t meet me, he will come in engagement tomorrow, I will ask him if anyone is forcing him to marry. Armaan hears Rano talking about the marriage. He thinks did dad see Alia and me together, I have to tell Alia. Preeto shows the lehenga to Aasma and says you will look lovely, this colour suits you. She says you could have told your feelings to your mum if she was here. Aasma says I miss mumma a lot, but it doesn’t mean I m not happy, I m happy. She hugs Preeto. Biji comes. Preeto says call her. Biji says no need, I spoke to Deepak and Aasma, Harleen never cared for us, she won’t understand Aasma’s dreams, inform her after Aasma gets married. Aasma acts happy. Sukhi beats up Armaan. He asks who is that girl. Armaan says I don’t know. Rano says he is marrying Aasma, don’t beat him. Sukhi says he is lying. Bobby stops Sukhi and takes him. Rano says the enmity can deepen more. Bobby says Armaan isn’t such. Sukhi says I m not lying, I have seen him with a girl. Bobby says maybe that girl is after Armaan, we should find her. Alia talks to Armaan on call. She says its our engagement. He says you won’t come in the engagement, dad is doubting. She says don’t worry, no one will see me. She ends call. He says I want to cancel this engagement. She thinks I will wear the ring by Armaan’s hand, he will marry Aasma. Ashok’s family welcomes the guests. Armaan sees Timmy wearing the same clothes and says Alia did this. Bobby goes to Sukhi and says Armaan was asking someone not to come in his engagement.

Sukhi says let her home, I will end their story today. Aasma thinks to meet Armaan. He thinks to talk to her before engagement. He greets Aasma. She says you here… He says I want to talk to you. She says I don’t want to talk to you, you are Armaan’s friend, go from here. Biji comes. Aasma scolds him and goes. Biji says you here. He asks where is washroom. She says that way, come soon. Armaan says Aasma is very foolish. Ekam’s family comes. Raja sees Banto and says she has come. Armaan sits in the puja. Raja goes and tells Armaan. Armaan says no one should know about Banto. Alia asks Timmy to stay around Aasma. Armaan thinks Alia is confusing Aasma, I will tell everything to Aasma today. Aasma comes. Alia says I m Armaan’s pretty woman, once I reach Canada, Aasma will be out. Aasma asks where is Armaan. Minty says I will see him. Aasma sees Timmy and goes to him. Alia thinks how to stop her. She runs and spills the drink on Timmy’s clothes. She asks him to go and change. She distracts Aasma. Armaan thinks Alia is with Armaan like her shadow. Alia says attention everyone, this evening belongs to Armaan and Aasma. Sukhi asks why is she being so happy. Rano says its okay. Armaan thinks what is Alia going to do now. Alia and Aasma dance in the function. Alia thinks Armaan will make me wear the ring first, then Aasma will wear the ring. Armaan goes to Aasma. Rano says I think Armaan likes Aasma a lot. Alia switches off the lights. Everyone worries. Baby taunts. The fire catches the wires. Alia asks Armaan to make her wear the ring. Armaan says fire caught up. She says everyone is there, try to understand, I have a right on this ring. He says understand. Baby says this marriage shouldn’t happen. Armaan runs away. Sukhi looks at Alia.

Rano asks Aasma not to feel bad. Aasma says its okay. She goes and sees Baby in danger. She holds the partition and saves Baby. Armaan also comes and holds the partition. Aasma sees him. Rano asks are you both fine. Aasma says yes. Rano says God has made Armaan and Aasma’s jodi. Aasma thinks he is Armaan…. Sukhi says you are Ekam’s daughter, my enemy’s daughter.

Armaan says roka won’t happen now, I got insulted here. Aasma says I can’t do this marriage, he is a bad guy. Biji slaps her. Sukhi threatens Alia.

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