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The Episode starts with Aasma thinking he is Armaan. She pushes him and goes. Sukhi asks what do you want to do, I will shoot your entire family, what affair do you have with my son. Alia is tense. Armaan thinks I will make Alia wear the ring. Biji goes after Aasma. Alia says no, we have no affair, it can’t happen. Sukhi says you think I don’t know, you were with Armaan in the hospital and mall. She asks what, no, you are mistaken, I have no interest in your son, if my dad comes, then you know what will happen, Aasma and Armaan’s engagement will stop. Aasma says Biji, I can’t do this marriage, that guy is an ill mannered guy. Biji slaps her. Armaan asks Dadi to come, roka won’t happen now, she pushed me, this engagement won’t happen, come. Rano says calm down. Armaan says she pushed me, its my insult. Biji scolds Aasma. Aasma says you listen to me once. Biji says I don’t want to listen, you did the same what Deepak had done, fine, I will go and apologize to them, I will tell them that we are okay with enmity. Babu says I told them not to meet the enemies. Biji comes. Armaan thinks Biji has come to say sorry. Biji folds hands. Aasma comes and stops her. Armaan thinks she will refuse to marry me. Aasma says no, you won’t apologize, Biji. She apologizes to Armaan. She says I pushed you so that you don’t get a shock, I was scared, sorry, are you hurt. Armaan thinks she is lying. Dadi says she did that to save you, she is sensible. Armaan and Aasma sit to exchange the rings. He recalls Alia’s words. He puts the ring in the flowers. Tannu gets the ring and gives it to Rano. Raja thinks where did Banto go. Armaan and Aasma exchange rings. Alia looks on and says Armaan isn’t going away from me, I m going close to Canada.

Its night, Armaan throws the ring. He says Aasma is thinking something. Aasma recalls Biji’s words. Alia says we will go to Canada, two enemies are getting married. Sukhi recalls Alia’s words and shoots a bulb. Alia says I convinced your dad, don’t worry. He says you don’t know him. She says there won’t be any problem, don’t worry, its good if Aasma hates you. Aasma says I want to know the reason for marriage. Armaan says I have to make her say no. He leaves. Alia gets the ring. She says I have to give this ring to Armaan. Armaan thinks to meet Aasma and talk to her. They both hit their cars. They start arguing.

He gets a hockey stick and breaks her car window. She scolds him. He asks why don’t you say no for marriage. She says I didn’t know about you, you knew me, why did you send the alliance. He says you are playing a game. She says I never lie and cheat anyone. He says I can’t hear nonsense about myself. She says you ruined my life. He asks her to come to his house and tell everyone, she won’t marry him. She says I won’t refuse, you refuse. Biji comes and sees them. She takes Aasma with her. Alia comes to Armaan. Tu hi din….plays… She says you forgot your ring. She makes Armaan wear the ring. He smiles. She says now the engagement got complete.

Aasma says I m sorry, I wanted to know some answers, I have a right to know. Biji says I also have a right to decide who will stay in my life, if you don’t keep this relation, then I will snatch all the rights from Deepak. She coughs. Aasma says I will call Tai ji, sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. Biji says this marriage is a repentance, I won’t let you refuse. She makes Aasma promise. Rano says I will grind the mehendi and send it to Aasma. Baby taunts. Sukhi comes and looks around. He asks where is your son. Armaan comes. He meets everyone. Armaan touches the mehendi bowl. Everyone dances. Sukhi sees Armaan. Armaan thinks I hope Aasma refused for the marriage.

The episode ends

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