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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Biji to have tea. Aasma holds the Rudraksh and saves it from falling. Dadi says Armaan is very lucky to get such a wife. Aasma thinks why is Armaan getting late. Armaan and Alia are on the way at the camp. He talks to Timmy on call. He asks Timmy to handle things. Timmy asks did you get mad. Sukhi points gun at Timmy. Timmy drops the phone. Rano says I will show you the shopping until Armaan comes. She asks Aasma what’s the matter. Aasma thinks of the note. She says sorry, I had to talk to him. Rano says its okay, you can talk to me. She shows the clothes. Sukhi points the gun at Timmy and scolds him. He says call Ekam and find about Alia. Rano asks Aasma to talk to Armaan. She says curtain is there, because you both can’t see each other before marriage. Raja is behind the curtain. Aasma says Armaan…. Rano signs Raja. He recalls Rano’s words. Aasma says I want to begin this relation with sincerity. Raja says hmm.

Armaan and Alia are with the people in the jungle. Armaan argues with the men. The man asks shall I lift your GF if she got tired. Armaan says I will kill you. Alia stops him. The man fights him. Aasma asks why aren’t you saying anything. Rano asks Aasma to come, the kinners have come to congratulate. Aasma says Armaan didn’t say anything. Rano says Armaan has applied a face mask, talk to him on phone. Aasma says wait. She writes a letter. She leaves.

The man threatens Armaan. Sukhi says I might get into a fight with Ekam, I have to find the matter first. Rano asks Aasma to go. Baby takes Aasma to the kinners and says she is a modern girl, she came to meet Armaan. Dadi says don’t make it an issue. The kinner asks for money. Aasma says I came from Canada, I didn’t know the rituals, I came here to see the house, I m sorry. The Kinner says she is a nice girl, she has come here to get married. She blesses Aasma. Aasma gives the earring to Baby. Baby thinks she knows I have sent that letter, even then she didn’t refuse for the marriage. Aasma thinks this got clear, it means Armaan doesn’t have any affair. Sukhi says Armaan has run away. Rano asks what, where is he. He says just support me, no one should know he isn’t here, Aasma will become our bahu, handle things here, promise me. Rano promises. He leaves. Biji says I will forgive Deepak when you go to that house and wash off the stain of cheat. Aasma says I want to stay here for sometime. Biji asks her to pray for her husband. Armaan helps an old man. The agent catches Alia and says you didn’t need to do this, I would have taken you to Canada. She shouts Armaan. She bites the man’s hand. Armaan comes and saves her. He makes the man away. Aasma prays at the temple. Armaan beats the man. Aasma asks Mahadev to give her courage to prove her decision right. A snake comes towards Armaan.

The episode ends

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