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The Episode starts with Baby saying no rasam will happen now. Biji asks Aasma to go and take a bath. A girl says Biji has sent this juice for you. Aasma thanks her and drinks it. Baby smiles. Aasma goes to her room and thinks why do I feel dizzy. She falls down. Baby comes and smiles seeing her. She says Armaan’s haldi… She laughs. She drags her and locks her inside some chest. She says stay inside, no shagun will happen, your marriage won’t happen.

Minty goes to call Aasma. She looks for her. Biji says how much time will she take. Minty shouts Aasma. Aasma gets conscious. She knocks on the chest door. She shouts for help. Alia says my eyes are burning. Armaan says take a deep breath. Minty calls Aasma. She gets Aasma’s phone. She says Aasma isn’t in the room. Biji asks what, she went to take a bath, check in other bathroom. Baby says the bride won’t come now. Aasma shouts for help. Everyone looks for her. The chest falls. Aasma comes out of it. Preeto and Minty see her, and ask how did you come here, are you fine.

Aasma says don’t tell Biji, tell her I got hurt so I fainted, please. She thinks who can do this. Preeto says Aasma was in her room, she got hurt and fainted, she fell behind the bed, she is fine, she went to take a bath. Baby says she is so clever, I won’t let this marriage happen. Ashok does the Chuda rasam. Minty calls Jaggi and says make me talk to Armaan, what….

Preeto says I m your Mami today. Aasma drops the kaleerein. Nehmat says Biji, Ekam said Aasma’s nath and panzeb will be from our side. Biji says fine. Silky says Minty will get married next. Nehmat thinks of Alia. Armaan asks the boy not to cry. Sukhi says I want to find my son. Sheikh says we will help you, but we can’t involve the police. Raja says Armaan will wear this sherwani and look like a King. Rano says I will show this to Armaan, come with me. Dadi jokes. Neetu asks when will you show the groom’s face to us, where is he. Rano goes and says I m longing to see his face. Armaan says stop the car, everyone is getting well. The man says sit quiet, checkpost is coming.

Armaan asks Alia to have courage. Alia says Aasma would be getting ready as bride. Aasma says send my laptop and projects to me after my bidaai. Minty gets hurt. Aasma asks where is your focus, what happened. Minty says I spoke to Jaggi, he said he didn’t speak to Armaan since 2 days, how can this happen. Aasma says maybe he is busy in marriage function. Minty says I heard what Baby said, Armaan won’t come in mandap. Aasma says Baby’s life was ruined by my dad, she won’t wish me to become her house’s bahu. Minty asks don’t you care. Aasma says I do care, I can’t step back, I have faith, his decision won’t be wrong, Armaan will come in mandap and marriage will happen if its destined. Minty nods. Baby bribes the makeup artist. She says the marriage won’t happen. The man says wear the packets, else everyone will get killed. Alia says we have no other way. Everyone wears the packets. The police stops the tanker to check. The man says dangerous chemical, we can’t open it. The inspector says let us check. He opens the tanker and checks. The men get worried. They don’t get any oxygen visible on the meter. Armaan gets hurt by the long metal cord of the meter.

The episode ends

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