Urvashi Dholakia Returns as Lawyer Devi Singh Shekhawat in ‘Pushpa Impossible’

Urvashi Dholakia, renowned for her iconic roles in the television industry and notably remembered as the original vamp, is making her television comeback. The actress is set to reprise her role as the lawyer Devi Singh Shekhawat in the show ‘Pushpa Impossible.’ Earlier this year, Urvashi’s portrayal of Devi Singh Shekhawat left a strong impact on the audience, and now, the makers have decided to bring back her character to the show.

Urvashi has already commenced shooting for her role and is eagerly preparing to make her grand re-entry into the series. Talking about it in a recent interview, Urvashi expressed her delight, saying, “Of course, it feels amazing to be back with the same beautiful and lovely people. This team is amazing, and all my co-stars are so loving. We all have an amazing rapport. What we share is something that is quite rare. Over here, they have always welcomed me with open arms, pure heart even in the past, and this time as well. I love it.”

When asked about her enjoyment in reprising the role of the lawyer, she explained, “The role is the same as I was playing earlier, but obviously, it is different because being a lawyer on-screen means that there are different tracks. Viewers will see different cases. Every time my stance, behavior, take on things, attitude will be different. Hence, as a performance, it gives me a lot of scope to perform differently from what I’ve done previously.”

‘Pushpa Impossible’ marked a significant departure for the popular actress, allowing her to portray a positive character after a gap of 20 years. Prior to this show, Urvashi was primarily offered roles as antagonist due to the popularity of her iconic character Komalika. Her participation in ‘Pushpa Impossible’ represented a shift from that typecasting.

In an earlier interview, Urvashi had expressed her happiness about the role, stating, “I was quite shocked when JD Majethia approached me for the part. I am glad that those associated with the show put behind their inhibitions when it came to me. It’s not a matter of breaking the image, but bringing out the best in an actor. All this while, you have loved to hate me, but I am very sure that this time around, you will love me.”

Urvashi Dholakia’s return to ‘Pushpa Impossible’ promises to bring new excitement and intriguing storylines, adding to the show’s ongoing success.

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