Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nitya telling Kashvi that when she has decided to divorce Arjun, then she has no right to stay here. Kashvi says you are right, I will leave after this case ends. Nitya asks what do you mean? Kashvi says she has no time to explain now and goes. They leave. Mahima thinks now she can enter Arjun’s life, Arjun and his money both are hers. In the court, Pradyuman asks Kashvi that Arjun is accused for selling expired medicines and he is now in jail and asks if she will not support Arjun. Kashvi says I don’t support injustice and wrong. He says you want to say that Arjun will be punished. Kashvi says the guilty will be punished. He says I heard that you are divorcing Arjun, but the Indian woman supports her husband. Kashvi says she hates injustice, and don’t support wrong, and for her, her name and career is more important to her than Arjun. He asks why don’t you move Arjun from the biogas project. Kashvi says when case verdict comes, Arjun will move from the project himself. Pradyuman thinks the biogas project will be mine now.

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