Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashvi tells judge that she wants to prove court that Arjun Bajwa and Mr Jaiswal are innocent with a new evidences. Judge says as a judge, it’s his duty to not punish any innocent and hence would see her evidences. Jagadish tells Nitya that he feels relaxed seeing that Kashvi was just acting as trying to divorce Arjun to prove him innocent. Pradyuman thinks if Kashvi proves Ishan innocent, she will go to jail as her signatures are on the pharma company permission papers, he will complete his revenge against Kashvi in both ways. Kashvi shows documents to judge and says Arjun signed a deal with Jaiswal’s company on a day when a departmental enquiry was started against her as they found her sign on an accepted file while she signed a rejected file, she doesn’t know how this happened, Arjun bought RJ Pharma to save her.

Public prosecutor says if she is saying Arjun is innocent, then she will be proven guilty as she signed on accepted file. Kashvi says she didn’t say that she signed approved file and when she investigated the issue, she found out that.. She goes into flashback where she tells her lawyer that she should check both approved and rejected file to find out if she missed out something.

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