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Arjun notices Kashvi upset and asks reason. Kashvi says just like that. Arjun says he knows her behavior when she is upset and asks what is bothering her. Kashvi reveals that her civil service training will start from tomorrow. Arjun says it’s a good news, is she upset as he won’t be training with her. Kashvi says yes. Arjun says she need not worry as he will pass the exam next year for sure and will join her soon. Kashvi gets convinced. After some time, Mahima notices Arjjun passing by and asks him to fix a hook of her neck chain to lure him. He feels hesitant. She insists and thinks she will easily trap him for sure. Arjun hears Romila voice, calls her, and says her niece Mahima needs her help and walks away from there. Mahima fumes and vents out her frustration on Romila. She thinks how come Arjun is not falling for her tricks.

Arjun walks to Jagadish and informs him about Kashvi’s training from tomorrow and he wants to take her on a date after she returns from her first day of training and propose her. Jagadish says it’s a good idea. Mahima hears that and thinks Arjun didn’t fall for her trick as he has fallen in Kashvi’s love, but she will make sure he doesn’t propose Kashvi and falls for her at any cost. Next day, Kashvi leaves for her training in a government-provided car. Arjun happily sees her off. Mahima says she feels sorry for him as his family uses lavish cars and he is ignored. Arjun warns her to dare not try to provoke him against his family, he knows her evil intentions and warns her to stay in her limits or else he will kick her out of his house. Mahima tries to speak, but Arjun doesn’t let her speak and walks away. Mahima thinks Arjun will not easy fall for her, she has to think of some other plan.

Kashvi joins her first day of training. She is introduced to her mentor and assigned a project of working on a biogas supply for the villagers. Mahima notices Arjun alone and executes her plan with Romila’s help. Romila calls Arjun to kitchen and asks him to pick a grocery box from a high rack. He does. She says she wants to prepare makka roti and sarson da saag, but need more flour and hence she will go out and bring. Once she leaves, Arjun books table at a hotel for a romantic date with Kashvi and selects his dress. Mahima shouts from his bathroom. He opens the door and is shocked to see Mahima in towel fallen on the floor. Mahima says her bathroom shower is not working and hence she came here. She insists him to lift her and drop her to her room. Arjun hesitates and says he will call servant. She insists him to drop her to her room before Kashvi or someone else comes. Arjun agrees. Kashvi returns home.

Precap: Kashvi returns home, is shocked to see Arjun lifting a towel-clad Mahima, and asks what is happening.

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