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Pradyuman tries to bribe Kashvi and boasts that money is very powerful. Kashvi gives him a tight slap. Pradyuman shouts how dare she is to slap him, he will take revenge from her. Kashvi says giving and taking bribe is crime. Pradyuman asks if she is trying to take revenge for teaching a lesson to Mahima. Kashvi says what Mahima did is wrong and he took revenge from her, he can’t victimize himself and try to get away. Pradyuman challenges to take revenge from her and leaves. He notices Arjun still waiting for Kashvi and taunts him that Kashvi is a high-ranked officer and he should be habituated to wait for her, says his job is done and Arjun can keep on waiting. Arjun sits confused.

Arjun waits for Kashvi to come out and thinks he will have lunch with her and then talk about the tender. Kashvi gets buy in work and forgets Arjun’s presence. Arjun repeatedly questions peon who informs that madam is buy. He finally asks peon at 3:30 p.m. to inform madam that he is still waiting. Kashvi looks at Arjun and signals just 2 minutes. She forgets again. Arjun waits till 5:30 p.m. and leaves for home. Kashvi walks out and asks peon about Arjun. Peon says he left at 5:30 p.m. Kashvi feels bad.

Arjun returns home. Jagadish asks if he filed the tender. Arjun says he couldn’t and describes how he waited for Kashvi till 5:30 p.m. and returned home. Jagadish says Kashvi would be busy serving the nation from hereon, so he should support her in every way possible without getting frustrated and give her the love she deserves.

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