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Kashvi asks her assistant Mr Nitin if he doubts any officer who is taking bribe. Nitin says he doesn’t and hence brought a CCTV footage. Kashvi says let us watch it then and excuses Arjun. Romila provokes Arjun that he must be finding it difficult to wait for his wife as she is very dedicated from before and now with her job, she would be more busy and wouldn’t have time for him. Arjun says he knows Kashvi well and she knows to balance things well, anyways Romila will be there to prepare him food when needed. Romila says even then, he must be feeling degraded as he and Kashvi gave exam together, but Kashvi became a big officer and he is still nothing. Arjun says he doesn’t know about her, but he is proud of Kashvi’s success. Romila says Kashvi’s success will pose a problem in their relationship in the future for sure. Arjun says he knows Kashvi will never ignore him and their relationship wouldn’t be affected, so Romila need not worry about them. Romila thinks whatever he says, his male ego will spoil their relationship soon.

Mahima also watches footage and seeing Arjun waiting for Kashvi for long and thinks it’s a great opportunity to provoke Arjun against Kashvi. Kashvi finds an officer seeking bribe and asks Nitin to file a charge sheet against him and make sure he is punished. Mahima provokes Arjun that she feels sorry for him that his wife is in high post and made him wait for long in his office. Arjun says he had gone to have lunch with Kashvi. Mahima says he couldn’t submit biogas tender file because of that. Monty says today was last day for submission and tomorrow the winner will be announced. Mahima says she feels sorry for him as his wife can’

Precap: Mahima tells Romila that she can’t understand what magic Kashvi did that Arjun is mad behind Kashvi. Daadi says its a power of love which Mahima will never understand. Tender results are announced. Mahima notices Arjun’s online dress order for Kashvi and changes it. Arjun gives a gift to Kashvi. She opens it and makes weird expression.

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