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Mahima asks Dadi why I shall apologize to her (Mohit’s mother) and says Mohit didn’t ask to apologize, and he is with me in my decision then why shall I apologize to someone. Mohit’s mother asks Dadi if she sees her values. Dadi reminds her that she is Mohit’s mother and her would be saas and asks her to respect her. Mahima says if you want me to respect her, then she shall also respect me. Mahima says whatever happened is between me and her son, I will not apologize to her. Dadi tells Shobhana that she apologizing to her on her behalf and says today’s children don’t know what they are saying and their blood boils up. She says I will make her understand and asks her not to have any dirt in her heart for her. Jagdish calls her to dance. Shobhana says you have humiliated me so much, I will make you apologize to me and this will be tight slap for you.

Nitya comes for the meeting and tells that she is given the security of the International delegates for the India International submit. She says I want your support to make the event as the success and says until the submit ends, we have to take care of their security. She asks them to make sure that no problem happens and assign work to everyone. She tells Mr. Chandra and Kashvi to handle the route wherever the delegates go. She asks them to get the main road blocked for the normal public and says she don’t want the delegates to have any problem. Kashvi says we can blocked the road for normal public as it is the shortest and fastest way to reach the hospital. Nitya asks her to shut up and says she tell me about my job. She says I am not handling this submit for the first time. She says if we don’t block the road, then how there will be much traffic and how we will feel to be stuck in traffic jam with the delegates. She asks her to think before speaking and says you are still new in this job.

Mahima is practicing dance with Mohit. Arjun is talking to someone and tells that it is his wife’s idea, and tells that she is civil service officer. Mahima hears him and gets angry at Mohit asking if he didn’t dance before. Mohit says yes. Mahima then asks Arjun to dance with her, to show to Mohit and then he will dance. Arjun refuses and asks Mohit to learn from choreographers. Romila asks Arjun to help Mohit teach dance. Mohit says I will learn dancing fast. Arjun says ok, just for you. She dances with Arjun happily. Mohit sees the dance steps. Arjun lifts her while dancing. Romila says first class. Kashvi comes there and sees Arjun carrying Mahima in his arms. He says you came home soon. Kashvi asks him to say what Mahima was doing in his embrace. Arjun says I had to dance with Mahima. Kashvi says why you was dancing with her, as it is their sangeet. Mohit says I asked Arjun to help me with the steps.

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