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Romila tells Mahima that all her conspiracies to provoke Arjun against Kashvi failed and Kashvi won the battle again. Mahima says she doesn’t know what magic Kashvi did on Arjun that he ignored her and is mad behind Kashvi now. Daadi enters and says it’s called true love. She tongue lashes her for her yesterday’s conspiracy and says though Jagadish and Arjun must have not said anything, she noticed Mahima spoiling Arjun and Kashvi’s date. She says she is jealous of Kashvi since childhood and used to compete with her, she couldn’t tolerate Arjun’s attention towards Kashvi and is trying to separate them. Mahima says her allegations are baseless. She further tongue lashes Romila for supporting Mahima in her heinous act and warns them both to dare not conspire against Kashvi and Arjun or else she will not spare them. Once she leaves, Mahima says old lady always shouts, she knows how to separate Arjun from Kashvi and force him to fall in her love again.

Kashvi gets ready for work and says she forgot her file. Arjun says he will get her file from downstairs and even her tiffin. Daadi walks in. Arjun says he will be back with Kashvi’s tiffin. Daadi tells Kashvi that Arjun loves her immensely and hence is helping her. Kashvi says Arjun doesn’t and would do same for his dear ones. Daadi says soon she will realize it. Arjun returns with tiffin and file and goes to drop Kashvi and also attend tender results announcement event. Daadi thinks Kashvi is too innocent and can’t understand Arjun’s love for her, hopes she soon realizes it. Jagadish walks in and hopes her prays turn true soon. Daadi asks if he also knows that Arjun loves Kashvi. Jagadish says yes and says they both have to do something to make Kashvi realize Arjun’s love for her.

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