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Kashvi goes to bathroom to wear Arjun gifted clothes and is shocked to see innerwear instead. She asks Arjun if he ordered these clothes to him. He says yes, they will look pretty on her. Kashvi walks out of bathroom and argues with him. She then brings the bikini and asks if he thinks so cheap about her. Arjun feeling shy says he didn’t order it. Kashvi asks who ordered it then. Mahima walks in and says she ordered it and her order got exchanged it with Arjun’s order. Arjun asks why would his name be on her order. Mahima says because she ordered from Arjun’s account. Kashvi asks why did Mahima order from her husband’s account. Mahima says Arjun has a premium account and had given it’s details before. Kashvi says Arjun was Mahima’s fiance before, but not he is her husband and Mahima should stay away from her husband.

Mahima walks away thinking Kashvi got jealous, soon she will snatch Arjun from Kashvi completely. Arjun gives dress box to Kashvi and asks him to wear it during Jagadish’s party tonight. Jagadish gets ready for party and asks Daadi to get ready soon. Daadi asks what happened to their plan of making Arjun and Kashvi realize their love for each other. Jagadish says they don’t have to do anything as Arjun has planned to propose Kashvi tonight after the party. Guests arrive for the party and congratulate Arjun for getting a biogas tender. Jagadish says he is proud of his son and asks Arjun about Kashvi. Arjun says she will come down after wearing his gifted dress.

Kashvi checks dress and thinks why did Arjun order a colorful clone dress. Arjun walks to

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