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Mahima keeps her hand on Arjun’s lap when the car jumps on a road bump and smiles at him. Arjun angrily looks at her and thinks why she is behaving like this. They reach Nekpur independence day function venue. Villagers welcome Kashvi and take her in. Arjun walks behind her, but security guards rudely stop him and says he can’t go behind assistant collector madam. Mahima taunts Arjun that he is no one in front of Kashvi now and should be habituated to bear humiliation, Kashvi will forget him and will not respect him anymore. Kashvi returns and asks Arjun what is he doing here, he has to be with her always. Guards ask what about her security. Kashvi says Arjun is her husband and will be with her wherever she goes. She holds Arjun’s hand and walks to the Mahima feels jealous seeing that.

Kashvi walks on stage. Sarpanch introduces her and say will hoist the flag and will listen to each villager’s problems. Kashvi asks Arjun to sit and asks guard to make sure he gets a first row. Arjun takes his seat. Mahima goes ands sits beside him. Arjun says she must have got her answer; he doesn’t mind if the whole world ignore him, Kashvi’s attention is important to him and Kashvi would never ignore him. Mahima sits frowning. Pradyuman with goons waits for sarpanch’s signal and sends goons to protest against biogas plant. Sarpanch informs Kashvi that villagers are against biogas plant and should leave from here before they attack her. Goons start creating havoc. Pradyuman thinks he will take revenge from Kashvi for giving biogas project to her husband instead of him, he will watch the drama hiding in his car.

Goons attack Kashvi. Security guards run away. Arjun comes to her rescue and fights with goons. Kashvi joins him and beats goons. She notices a girl crying for her girl and rushes for her help. Goon throws a bottle bomb towards her. She escapes, but the gate catches fire. Arjun beats goon. Micky and Monty call Jagadish and brief him about the situation. Jagadish informs police and seeks help. Kashvi searches for girl’s mother. Mother reaches her and takes girl away. Goon attack Kashvi again. Kashvi beats him and hides in a car. Another goon lights a bomb on her car. Kashvi thinks she needs to get out of the car before bomb blasts, but finds the doors locked.

Arjun notices KAshvi in danger and runs towards her. Mahima falls down and calls Arjun for help. Arjun thinks if he shall save Kashvi or Mahima.

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