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Mahima makes Kashvi believe that Arjun still loves Mahima as it’s difficult to forget first love. She says the way Arjun saved her and hugged her emotionally, it proves that he can’t love anyone else except her; she feels sorry for Kashvi that she has to live in a loveless marriage. She walks away from there and grins thinking Arjun is rich now and she wants him back in her life. Kashvi feels disheartened and believes Mahima. Daadi hears their conversation and understands Mahima’s plan, she thinks she has to do something and stop Mahima from separating Arjun and Kashvi. Next day, Kashvi gets ready for office and notices Arjun speaking to inspector. Arjun tells Kashvi that the inspector informed him that mob which attacked the event yesterday were goons and police is further investigating the case. He further informs her that he has hired a project manager Mr Ramprasad Khanna who will handle biogas project. Mr Khanna walks in and Arjun introduces him to Kashvi.

Once Mr Khanna leaves, Arjun tells Kashvi that they shall finish breakfast soon and and rush to work. Kashvi says she already finished breakfast and asks him to have it with Mahima. Mahima walks in and gets happy thinking her trick on Kashvi worked and soon she will create differences between them and grab Arjun forever. Kashvi leaves. Mahima asks Arjun if they can have breakfast now. Arjun says he is not in a mood and walks away. During lunch time, Daadi gathers whole family including Jagadish and announces that she wants to get Mahima married and has already uploaded her profile in a marriage bureau. Mahima asks why is she bothered. Daadi says she is her grandmother and worried for her. Mahima refuses. Arjun walks in and says he also agrees with Daadi’s decision as wedding is a biggest decision of life, he is happy with Kashvi and loves her. Mahima storms away fuming.

Kashvi feels upset recalling Mahima’s words and signs a document twice. Assistant alerts her and asks her to take a leave if she feels unwell. Kashvi walks out of Arjun. Arjun walks to her. Kashvi asks what is he doing here. Arjun asks if he shouldn’t and talks romantically. Kashvi asks shall they leave now and gets into car. Arjun thinks she is still angry for some reason, he needs to talk to her. Romila asks Mahima if she really wants to marry. Mahima says she will not. Daadi throws clothes in front of her and asks her to get ready as boy’s family is coming to see her. Mahima refuses and shouts that she is torturing her and if her parents were alive, they wouldn’t have allowed her to do so. Daadi says even Nayan and Satish would have agreed to her and warns her to get out of the house if she doens’t want to marry. Romila tries to speak. Daadi warns her also to get out of the house if she wants to support Mahima. Mahima thinks she has to be near Arjun to lure room, so she agrees to meet boy’s family. Once Daadi leaves, Romila asks Mahima if she will really marry. Mahima says no.

Arjun plays a romantic song while driving. Kashvi changes the song. Arjun takes her to a kulfi shop. She refuses to have kulfi and throws it down.

Precap: Kashvi tells Arjun that he had breakfast with Mahima, then he should have kulfi also with Mahima. Daadi slaps Mahima for breaking alliance purposefully and says she knows her intentions. Mahima accepts.

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