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Arjun buys kulfi for Kashvi and tries to feed her. Kashvi pushes his hand away and asks him not to force her. Arjun asks why she is upset and behaving weirdly. She says when he can have breakfast with Mahima, he can even have kulfi with her. Arjun asks why would he have kulfi with Mahima, he didn’t have breakfast with Mahima and skipped his breakfast. He says he will bring another kulfi. Kashvi says let it be and leaves in auto while he tries his best to stop her.

Boy’s family come to meet Mahima. Mother praises that her son looks like Shahrukh Khan and she named him Raj. Daadi calls Mahima. Mahima drops tea on Raj. Mother gets angry for Mahima’s careless behavior. Daadi apologizes and says Mahima is very talented and well-behaved girl. ‘Kashvi walks in and asks Romila who are these people. Romila says Daadi called a boy for Mahima’s alliance. Raj says he likes Mahima and wants to marry her. Arjun also walks in. Mahima tells Raj that he seems to be a good boy and she wants to reveal that her alliance was fixed with Arjun before, but he married her sister Kashvi instead. Arjun and Kashvi warn her to stop twisting facts. Mahima says she is telling truth. Raj’s mother says she doesn’t want her son to marry a girl whose family doesn’t have any morales and hid truth.

Arjun tongue lashes Mahima for twisting the fact that she eloped from wedding and marriage is an eternal feelings and he and Kashvi are happy in their marriage and want to spend their lives together, so he wants even Mahima to enjoy marital bliss. Mahima asks why they force their decisions on her always, earlier they forcefully tried to get her married to Arjun without her consent and now doing same, she will not marry and they can’t force her. She walks away. Kashvi thinks if Arjun really wants Mahima to marry, then why did Mahima say he still loves her. Daadi chats with her and explains her how Mahima manipulated her mind while the truth is Arjun loves Kashvi now and not Mahima.

Kashvi feels guilty for trusting Mahima and being rude to Arjun. She returns to her room and tries to talk to Arjun, but Arjun refuses to listen and thinks he wants her to feel what he felt today. Next morning, Kashvi apologizes Arjun with a sorry card and falls down. Arjun asks her to get up as he can’t see her like this. She asks him to forgive her first. He says he wanted her to feel what he was feeling when she ignored him and he cares for her a lot. Kashvi asks if he forgave her then and smiles.

Precap: Daadi informs that she found an alliance for Mahima and wants her to marry him. Mahima gets jealous seeing Arjun’s care for Kashvi. She enters men’s washroom and asks Arjun to zip her kurta before someone notices it.

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