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Arjun forgives Kaashvi. He tells her that he is confused why she behaved like that. She tells him that she was mood off because of some other matter. She asks him that if he really don’t have any problem with Mahima’s marriage. He asks her that why he will have problem. She asks him that why he saved Mahima first. He says that he saved Mahima for Kaashvi and he saw bomb has time to explode that’s why. And he would have saved Kaashvi first if bomb was about to explode first.

He tells her that he can’t live without her. He realises that Kaashvi behaved like that because of this. He reminds her that they promised to not hide anything and share everything with each other. She tells him that she won’t forget it again. She hugs him on his behest to believe her. He demands forehead kiss so she places a kiss on his forehead. He asks her to make paratha for him. She leaves from there.

An old lady begs. One man pushes her. Dadi is about to save that old lady but one guy saves that old lady. That guy scolds that man. He takes that old lady aside and helps her. Dadi sees everything. She thinks that it’s hard to find good guy like him. He gives lift to her. She learns that his name is Mohit. She gets impressed with him. She also learns that he is single and his mother wants his marriage to happen as soon as possible.

Arjun and Kaashvi comes out of the kitchen. Kaashvi tells Jagdeesh that she and Arjun made breakfast together. Mahima gets shocked hearing this. She wonders that how they reunited. She thinks that she has to do something big to separate them. Jagdeesh says that breakfast will be tasty. Dadi returns from temple. She tells them that she found a perfect guy for Mahima. She says that guy name is Mohit. Mahima asks her that how can the latter tell her to marry stranger. And asks what about her choice. Dadi tells her to follow her order else leave the house.

Kaashvi tells her that marriage is not small matter and Mahima has rights to choose her life partner. She tells Mahima to meet that guy once. Mahima agrees to meet that guy. She tells Dadi to not involve the family now. She says that she will meet Mohit outside. Dadi tells her that the latter can’t go alone. Mahima tells her that she will go with Arjun. Arjun says that he will go and Kaashvi will accompany him.

In the office, Arjun spends time with Kaashvi. On the other hand, Pradhyumna asks head of village that why the latter won’t help him to stop the project. Head of village tells him that police is investigating the case so he can’t take any risk. Pradhyumna thinks that he won’t accept defeat.

Precap: Mahima puts Arjun in awkward situation. Pradhyumna decides to ruin Kaashvi.

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