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Mohit extends a friendship hand towards Mahima and forcefully shakes hand with her. Kashvi gets excited seeing them holding each other’s hand. Arjun holds Kashvi’s hand and looks at her. Kashvi gets disappointed when Mahima pulls her hand back. Mahima tells Mohit that he is a good boy, but he can understand her point. Mohit says he understands and will give some excuse to daadi. Mahima walks to Kashvi and says let’s go home. Kashvi tells Arjun that Mahima didn’t say anything. Arjun says let’s go home and see what happens. They all 4 return home. Daadi asks Mahima and Mohit if they ready for marriage. Mohit says he liked Mahima a lot, but she is not ready for the marriage yet. Mahima says she is ready for marriage. Mohit says he was wrong, they are ready for marriage. Daadi congratulates them both and asks Kashvi to bring sweets. Mohit asks Mahima if she is sure she wants to marry him and not a rich boy. Mahima says he liked her honesty and supported her decision, hence she decided to marry him. Kashvi brings sweets and tells Arjun that she is surprised that Mahi agreed to marry Mohit. Arjun says yes and hopes Mahima marries soon and spares him and Arjun. Mohit tells Daadi that he will bring his parents tomorrow and fix alliance.

Next day, Mahima gets ready to meet Mohit’s family. Romila asks if she is sure to marry Mohit. Mahima says Mohit is a good boy and she is ready to marry him. Monty informs them that Mohit’s family has arrived. Arjun and Kashvi welcome Mohit’s family and are surprised to see Arjun’s biogas project manager as Mohit’s father. Ramprasad says when he heard Mahima is Kashvi’s sister, he instantly agreed for this alliance. Keval brings panditji. Daadi says when both families are ready for the alliance, she thought to fix engagement and wedding muhurath. Pandit says there 3 muhuraths for engagement, tonight, after a week, and after 2 months. Daadi says let’s finish engagement tonight.

Pradyuman hires a conman who Daadi calls sari vendor to select sari for Mahima’s engagement. Kashvi tries saris. Arjun stands mesmerized staring at her. Daadi notices it and smiles. Arjun likes a red sari and buys it for Kashvi. Mahima says she needs that sari. Arjun refuses and asks her to select some other sari. Daadi also asks Mahima to select some costly sari instead. After some time, Mahima comes to Kashvi crying and says her sari is burnt while pressing and insists Kashvi to give her red sari. Daadi refuses and asks her to select some other sari as Arjun gave gifted it to Kashvi with so much excitement. Mahima emotionally blackmails Kashvi and gets sari. Daadi warns Kashvi against Mahima’s dirty intentions and says soon Mahima will snatch everything from her. Kashvi refuses to believe her. Mahima hearing their conversation thinks only Daadi understands her well in this house, soon she will snatch everything from Kashvi.

Precap: Pradyuman plans to take revenge from Kashvi with tampered tender document. Nitya asks Mahima what’s going in her mind. Mahima refuses to inform her. Arjun hugs her in dark confusing her as Kashvi. Kashvi switches on lights and asks him what is happening.

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