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Kashvi comes to her room and sees Mahima standing and Bijli barking. Mahima thinks I am caught, if Kashvi sees her bag then she will understand that I have ruined it. She keeps the scissor and drops the bag on the ground. Kashvi tries to pacify the Bijli who was barking constantly and asks Mahima if she had done something. Mahima asks her to see what her Bijli has done, and says it has done this. Kashvi sees her torn bag and asks who has done this. Mahima says your Bijli did this, when I was going from here, I saw it tearing it and says you shouldn’t have bring Bijli, it is bad and will ruin the house, like ruining this bag. Kashvi says I had kept this bag on the table, and bijli can’t do this. Mahima says Bijli has done this and is ruining everything, and you are blaming me. She goes out and starts drama that she has no respect in the house. Kashvi comes out. Mahima says you have told me what is my value, less than the Dog? Kashvi says it is Bijli, and I didn’t blame you then why you are saying this. Mahima says Dog’s respect is more than me, and says it is not my house so you people will not let me speak. Kashvi asks her not to do drama. Mahima says I am saying right, and says when I told you that the dog has ruined your bag, you doubted on me and has shown that the stupid dog’s value is more than me. She says for my marriage, decision is all yours, and asks did anyone ask me what I want? She says if Maa and Papa were alive, then they would have done all the functions grandly, pre wedding shoot, bachelorette and other functions. Dadi says there was no such stupid dramas. Mahima says it happens in our times, and says the couple gets their photo shoot and post on the social media to announce their wedding. Dadi says we don’t have this much budget and says we will get your marriage done as per my budget.

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