Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahima telling Kashvi that Arjun made her feel special as she is his first love and it is always special. Bijli comes there and barks holding Mahima’s clothes. Mahima says it bite me and says either this dog will stay here or I will stay here. Arjun comes there. Mahima says this dog has bitten me. Arjun smiles and says you shall get 14 injections now in your somach. Mahima refuses to take injection. Kashvi says he is joking. Mahima asks her to throw the dog out. Kashvi says Bijli will stay here. Mahima goes out. Arjun takes bijli in his hand and says I thought you as my enemy, but you attacked my enemy Mahima and bite her. Kashvi thinks it is difficult to understand me, sometimes I feel he wants to move on with me, and sometimes I feel that he is giving more importance to Mahima, and thinks whom he loves, Mahima or me? Arjun gets some flashes in his dream and sees the girl falling down from the horse, and wakes up shouting Kashvi. He realizes it was a bad dream, and gets shocked thinking it is morning dream, and it might come true. He looks for Kashvi and calls her name.

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