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The Episode starts with Abhir saying we will party and then go to Kasauli. Akshu says yes, what will you do of cake. He says last time, Maasi helped us. She asks him to make jam bread cake. He says come soon, I have to meet Papa. She says coming. Everyone cries. She says get well soon, we will go home, Abhir and everyone are waiting. Manjiri cries and leaves. Birlas leave. Abhi says Sir, call home once and find out about Abhinav. The man says don’t worry, his surgery is done, he is fine. Manish asks Akshu to come. Akshu cracks jokes and laughs. She says Abhinav is acting, he is troubling, I will tickle him, he will get up and sit. Manish says Akshu, he is no more. She asks what are you saying, please don’t say this. He says hear his heartbeat, it stopped, check his pulse, he left us, he will never come. She says no, he can’t leave me, he promised me, he doesn’t break his promise, you all are joking. He says fate has joked with us and snatched Abhinav. He asks Kairav to make her leave Abhinav’s hand. She says no, I can’t leave his hand, he held my hand when I had no one, try to understand. They make her away. She sits crying. Aarohi hugs her. They all cry. Akshu says I can’t live without him, Abhir can’t live without his dad, everything got over. Aarohi says you are stronger than us, you have to be strong, you are Abhir’s mum and dad from now.

Abhir and Ruhi blow balloons. Dadi comes to help. She gets Surekha’s call. She asks where are you all, the kids are…. She gets shocked and cries. The nurse covers Abhinav with the white cloth. Akshu hugs him and cries. Everyone cries. They leave. Manjiri comes to meet Abhi. She cries. He asks what happened, is Sharma ji fine. She says he left us, he is no more. He cries. Akshu and everyone come home. Suwarna puts water on her sindoor and hands. Abhir calls out mumma. Akshu cries and turns away. Suwarna wipes her face. Abhir gets the balloons. Suwarna says we washed hands because we came from the hospital. Abhir asks is that person okay, we will celebrate once dad comes, we will go to Kasauli. Akshu cries. Aarohi says one has to bear this pain alone. Surekha says its lifelong pain. Aarohi says a wife doesn’t know how to handle this pain, its difficult, Akshu has to learn it for Abhir’s sake. Akshu goes to her room and cries. She recalls his words. She hears his voice and calls him out. She lies crying. She says you broke the promise. Kairav feeds Abhir. Abhir says don’t be sad that we are going to Kasauli, we will come back on Diwali. Everyone wipes tears. Ruhi says we will do party preparations. Abhir and Ruhi leave. Everyone cries. Muskaan sees Abhinav. He says just go for your job, you came here for your job’s sake. She cries. He says Bade Papa, I spoke to mechanic, your car will run well, no need to spent money. Manish cries. Abhinav asks Neela not to worry for Muskaan. He says I m there for Muskaan. He goes to Dadi and says I spoke for orphans’ bhoj at the temple and paid money. He asks Surekha to give him another chance to treat her well in Kasauli. He asks Suwarna to sit back and take rest. He asks Kairav to go on honeymoon. He asks Aarohi to come to Kasauli with Surekha. He says I forgot to say you thanks, you took care of Abhir well when he was in Birla house. He says thanks to all of you, you have given me much joy, I don’t like to go. He cries and waves bye to them. Everyone cries. He leaves.

Akshu says I will go to the court and I will see him getting punished. At the court, Abhi asks how is Abhir. She says he doesn’t have his dad now. Abhir thinks why does dad’s pic have this garland. Ruhi worries.

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