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The Episode starts with Anand saying getting a bail will be tough. Abhi says how would be Akshu and Abhir, I have to go and handle junior. Manjiri cries. Manish cries and says I lost my children first and now Abhinav. Kairav consoles Dadi and Manish. Suwarna says people leave and family is left behind to fight the sorrow. Kairav asks why didn’t good happen with Akshu, tell me. They all cry. Pandit comes. He says I will do all the preparations, who will do the last rites. Dadi says Abhir has to do it. Manish asks how will he do it. Surekha says a son gives fire to a father’s pyre. Suwarna says we have to explain Abhir and prepare him. Akshu comes and says Abhir won’t do it. Manish says we have to do Abhinav’s last rites. She asks how will we explain this to Abhir, he will shatter. Dadi asks who will do the last rites. Akshu says I will do.

Abhir asks did dad come. Manish says no, you have made it so well, what is it. Ruhi says banner. Suwarna says we will watch your fav cartoon, come, sit. Manish says Abhir won’t see Abhinav for the last time. Suwarna says he won’t be able to forget that sight. They leave. Akshu and everyone cry seeing Abhinav. Akshu says you came home to leave, why did you do this. She cries and says I have to keep Abhir away from this sorrow. She kisses his forehead. She says when you met me for the first time, you didn’t know me, you held my hand and showed me a new way, but now, the journey is still left, you left my hand, why, we have to raise Abhir and make him a doctor, thanks for coming in my life and becoming Abhir’s dad, for teaching me to love again, for becoming my husband and being such a good husband, we will meet again, till then good bye, you are the best chapter of my life and will always be, don’t worry for me, I will see everything here. He prays. She keeps their family pic. She says this pic is for you, so that you feel Abhir and I came to drop you there, always remember me and Abhir. Pandit asks them to come for last rites. Everyone cries. Abhir and Ruhi think to go downstairs. Abhir finds the door locked. Ruhi says I will open the window. Manish, Kairav and others lift the funeral. O saathi re….plays… Akshu cries. Ruhi says the window is also closed. Abhir asks what’s happening, dad didn’t come.

Everyone cries. Dadi hears the sound. Surekha says kids… Abhi talks to his lawyer. He says get me out of here, I have to go to my son, I will do whatever you say. He cries. Akshu does the last rites. Everyone thinks of Abhinav’s moments and cries. Akshu cries and says good bye Abhinav, don’t worry about us, we will handle it. She lights the pyre.

Birlas come and cry seeing the burning pyre. Akshu gets angry. Kairav stops Manjiri. Manjiri says please let me hug my daughter once. Kairav asks your daughter? There isn’t any daughter here, you just have a son, your son ruined my sister’s life and snatched her husband. She says I m sorry, let me hug my daughter once and share her sorrow. Kairav asks why didn’t you stop Abhi from doing this. He argues. Kairav says your son is a murderer. Manjiri says both my children are in pain, I can’t do anything for Abhi, let me stay with Akshu. He says no need. Manish says let it be. Muskaan says you are asking them to stay, they have snatched my brother. Manish says they came for Abhinav, we won’t stop them.

Akshu says I will go to the court and I will see him getting punished. At the court, Abhi asks how is Abhir. She says he doesn’t have his dad now. Abhir thinks why does dad’s pic have this garland. Ruhi worries.

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