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The Episode starts with Abhi getting Akshu’s call. He says Akshu’s call. Abhir asks why isn’t he answering. Akshu says docman might have slept. Abhi answers and says whatever happened today, sorry. She says Abhir wants to talk. Abhir asks what happened, did you guys have a fight. Abhi says no. Abhir says there is a class party in the school, all the parents have to get dishes. Akshu says let docman say, I will make different one. Abhi says let her say, then I will say. Abhir says you aren’t serious about the class party, you sort out the fight. She says its nothing like that. He says mumma, you make pasta and docman you make noodles, good night. He goes murmuring. Abhi says mum is calling me and ends the call. Akshu says it got much awkward. Suwarna says no, this can never happen. Dadi asks her to think about it. Manish says we will talk to them. Dadi says our children’s lives will get better. Suwarna says I don’t want to talk about it. Surekha says wrong won’t become right. Abhi drops Ruhi to school. He asks her to give the tiffin to Abhir. She asks why are you going so soon, you have to meet Abhir. He says I have work, bye. Ruhi calls out Maasi. Abhi turns and sees Akshu and Abhir. Abhir hugs Ruhi and says its best of luck hug. She asks who hugs without a reason. Abhir says brother and sister. Abhi says no, many people hug. Abhir says hero heroine. Akshu asks him to go. The kids go. Abhi says you say first, you are a lady. Akshu says you say it. They argue.
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