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The Episode starts with Akshu saying Abhir’s fever got less, he was disturbed in sleep and was missing Abhinav. Surekha asks did he hear us talking. Akshu says I don’t know. Suwarna asks her to have food. Akshu recalls Abhir’s words and goes. Abhir wakes up. He smiles seeing balloons everywhere in the room. Akshu comes. She recalls cheering up Abhir when he comes 2nd in class. She gets balloons for him. He says I m very happy. FB ends. She thinks how to ask him, did he hear our talks yesterday. Abhir gets Abhi’s video call. Abhi says I know you aren’t okay, do you have fever. Akshu thinks Abhir didn’t hear us. Abhi says so sorry, I wish I was with you, your Papa… Abhir asks why did you do this with my Papa, I know everything, you were my Papa’s friend and my superhero, my docman and family, why did you do this. Abhi says no, I love you, how can I do this. Abhir says I hate you, you made me away from my Papa. Abhi cries. Abhir disconnects. Constable takes the phone. Abhi sees Manjiri. She recalls Abhir. Abhir says I hate docman. Akshu hugs him. She says breathe in, breathe out, don’t get angry. Abhi says I saw Sharma ji falling, today I fell in Abhir’s eyes. Manjiri says keep courage, lawyer will prepare you for tomorrow. He says I got an illness, it spreads on touching. He talks sad.

She says its Kanha ji’s game, you have to play and win Abhir’s heart, you have to win his love, he lost his Papa, he needs his docman, his Dadda. She hugs him. Akshu says calm down Abhir. Ruhi says wow, so many balloons. Akshu says I will get breakfast. She goes. Ruhi gets a glass of juice for Abhir. She says I took an off from school, we will watch movie, I will talk to Abhi and ask him to get new game for us, we will play games with him, I know you miss him. Abhir throws the glass and says shut up, I m not missing him, I will never meet him. He says he is bad, I hate him. She asks what happened. He says my Papa left the world because of him, he killed my Papa. Ruhi says no, you are lying, he loves everyone, he is the best. They fight. They burst the balloons. Akshu and Aarohi come and stop them. Abhir says her poppy snatched my Papa, she is taking his side. Ruhi says no, he can’t kill anyone. Akshu says you love your Papa, she loves her Poppy, don’t fight with your sister. Abhir says I will not talk to her. Akshu says stop it now. Aarohi hugs Ruhi. Abhir hugs Akshu. Aarohi thinks what’s Abhir’s mistake in all this.

Akshu thinks why is Ruhi bearing all this. Aarohi takes Ruhi outside. Ruhi says its 4 days, poppy didn’t call me, I want poppy, tell me, where is he, take me to him. Aarohi says you can’t meet him, police arrested him, he is in jail. Ruhi says no, he is the best, Abhir was lying, get poppy home. Aarohi says court will decide. Ruhi gets angry and says you all are bad. Abhir asks can we go to docman’s house. Akshu asks why. He says I hate him, Tai ji has the resort videos, I want to see Papa, I miss him. She says fine. She calls Shefali. She wishes Shefali isn’t at home. Shefali takes the call. Akshu asks are you at home. Shefali says yes, what happened. Akshu says Abhir is missing Abhinav, he wants resort pics and videos, its in your phone, shall we come to take it. Shefali says no, I will come. Akshu thanks her. Shefali says Manjiri may not like it. She turns and sees Manjiri. Manjiri says this pendrive has the videos, go and give it, Abhir would be missing his dad, give this to Akshu, its Abhinav’s birthday gift from Abhi for Akshu. She gives the envelope. Everyone asks Akshu to give her statement and stay strong to get justice for Abhinav. Akshu says it will happen what Abhi deserves. Shefali comes and gives the envelope. Surekha says Akshu asked for videos. Shefali says I got that also. She keeps the pendrive. She says this envelope is from Abhi for Akshu. Akshu and Manish read the letter. Manish says its written that Abhi has given Abhir’s custody to Abhinav and Akshu. Shefali says if Abhi wanted to remove Abhinav from his way, then why would he give Abhir’s custody to you, think about it once before giving statement in court. Kairav claps and says Abhi is very cunning, he knows the court will punish him, so he did this to get sympathy, he will be in jail now.

Akshu says sign on the papers, you have to do what I want. She comes to the court and says I m Abhi’s defen se lawyer. Abhi says she is fighting for me. Manjiri says if its her way to take revenge then…

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