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The Episode starts with Akshu getting the receipt and says you bought it on the way. He says actually I forgot. She says I also forget, I m weak. He says not weak, you are the best. She says you are the best, I m not enough. He says we both will help each other, everything is sorted, come. The lady says the next award for the best student goes to Abhir Birla. Everyone claps for him Abhir says thanks for the support, I want to dedicate this award to my dad, he is no more, he has become a star, but he is watching me, he is proud of me. Abhi gives the kerchief to Akshu. Kairav holds Muskaan’s hand. Akshu cries. Abhir says I miss him, I won this award because of mumma and docman, come quickly. Manish and Manjiri ask Akshu and Abhi to go, the moment came because of them. Abhir says I was sad after dad left, I didn’t like to talk or laugh, I didn’t like to go to school or play football, mumma said Papa is with me, I got this award because of mumma and docman. They hug Abhir. Everyone claps. Akshu says I will drive the car, you speed up always. Abhi says its not rash driving. They fight. Abhir jokes. They all laugh. Manjiri says they will fight till morning, come with us. Abhir goes with them. Abhi says I don’t have a habit to listen to wrong things. Akshu says get habitual, Abhi, so sorry, I didn’t call you Abhi deliberately. He says its okay, its my name, we are like friends. She says we are friends and coparents also. He says we shouldn’t fight. She says thanks. Abhir asks them to come home. Akshu gets a call. She asks what’s the details, what, how can they do this. Abhi asks is everything fine. She says yes, come. He looks at her.

Akshu keeps the trophy near Abhinav’s pic and sits talking to him. She cries. Abhi sees his family and says you all had to shift here for Abhir. Anand says we like this change. Mahima says we always support in sorrow, we are a family. Aarohi says the kids study together, its good for them. Parth says we can do this for Abhir. Ruhi says yes, I go there to have good food.

Aarohi talks to Kairav and Akshu on video call. Kairav jokes on Aarohi’s prepared food. Akshu says don’t trouble her. Kairav laughs. Aarohi says its our turn tomorrow. He asks what. Akshu says we have a small wishlist. He checks and says its very long. Aarohi says there are some designer clothes, shoes. Akshu says designer bags, watches, anything else. He says there is no loot day, what happened to you both. Aarohi says you are Goenka family’s heir, you are being miser. Akshu says we will get a 10 rs chocolate next year, where will you get good sisters like us. He says you both do a lot of drama, you will get designer gifts. They say I love you, happy Raksha bandhan. He says I love you too.

Manish says Maa used to send gifts to orphanage on Raksha bandhan with love. Dadi says the kids can make this relation and keep it all life, the relation of siblings. Akshu says we will help you, siblings are best friends. Muskaan says those who don’t have know the sorrow. Manish says one way closes and the other opens. Kairav and Akshu tell their childhood story. Muskaan smiles. Surekha asks what gift are you giving them this time. He says they are looting me. Abhir says mumma, I won’t ask Ruhi to tie me rakhi. Abhi asks why. Ruhi says he is angry with me, I didn’t go to his award function. Abhir asks was her friend’s party more imp. Ruhi says Abhir is imp. Abhi says you both patch up. She asks if he doesn’t agree then… Abhir says no, she didn’t come. Aarohi tells Kairav and her fight story.

Abhi says you have to say sorry to Abhir. Ruhi says okay. Akshu says she is always with you, when you are sad, she comes to cheer up, she always protects and supports you. Abhir says right, it means I should also tie a rakhi to her. Akshu says sure, promise you both will take care of each other. He says I will call Ruhi and also pack a gift for her. Kairav takes him. Ruhi shows her dress. Abhi says its very pretty. Ruhi says we have to convince Abhir. He says we will make a card. She says I have a new idea. Manish and everyone talk. Akshu gets a call. She calls back. He asks what happened. She says I took a dowry case, the inlaws are torturing the girl, they don’t let her talk to anyone, she secretly calls me. Dadi says I m afraid for her and also you. Akshu says no, I can’t stay back, I will not let her courage go waste.

She explains them. Suwarna says we will hire a bodyguard for her. Akshu says no need. Manish says Akshu is a tigress. Akshu says such cases will come, don’t worry. Suwarna prays. Abhi sings a rap and dances. He says Ruhi, I can’t do this. She says you are doing well, listen. Muskaan sees the rakhi and cries. She talks to Abhinav’s pic. Akshu looks on. Muskaan asks who shall I tie the rakhi tomorrow. She cries. Akshu hugs her. Muskaan says ask Abhinav to come back, please. Akshu cries.

Akshu and Aarohi do Kairav’s aarti and tie the rakhi. Abhir and Ruhi also celebrate. Goons catch Muskaan. Akshu beats the goons. Abhi comes running.

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