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The Episode starts with Akshu asking why. Abhi says because its right for my son, he is happy with them, I can’t punish him, I can’t snatch his happiness, that’s why. She thanks him. She says he isn’t a hardcore criminal or a psychopath, he is a helpless father, he has fought with himself to give his son to someone else, a murderer needs a motive, Abhi has no motive to kill Abhinav. Manjiri cries. Akshu says Abhinav just had Abhir with him, Abhi had given Abhir to him one day before the birthday, why would he do this if he had to kill Abhinav, I want to tell everyone that the blame on Abhi is false, he didn’t kill Abhinav. Manish says Akshu…

Judge says court will access the new info and see evidences tomorrow. Kairav says I won’t leave you, you are a stain on doctor’s name, you are manipulating Akshu. She says no, its my decision to become his defence lawyer. FB shows Akshu saying I can save you, I was wrong, I misunderstood you, sorry for that. He asks how did you believe me. Constable calls her. She asks do you trust me, give me a chance to rectify my mistake, sign the papers. He signs the papers. FB ends. Kairav asks are you mad to save this person, he snatched Abhinav from us, open your eyes, all this is a drama. She stops him. He says you will regret a lot. Goenkas leave. Abhi says don’t fight them because of me. Akshu says I can trying to fill the crack. She goes. Manjiri says you are trusting her, why, how can you trust her. Abhi says she is fighting for me by forgetting her sorrow, I trust her the most. She says if its her plan to take revenge. He says she would have not done this if she wanted revenge, trust me, I trust her. Kairav asks where is the proof, tell me, you said he is innocent. Akshu says proof has gone for verification. He shouts on her. He argues. He asks how can you trust Abhi. Manish says maybe she doesn’t trust me, I have seen Abhi pushing Abhinav. She says no, maybe you felt that by some angle. He says he is fooling you, can’t you see. She says someone has to support the truth. Surekha says okay, we are wrong, you are right, Abhi is right, why didn’t you tell us before. Akshu says you all won’t believe that Abhi didn’t kill Abhinav. Suwarna says Manish has seen it, Muskaan has seen them going to have drinks, Abhi didn’t drink, he did this intentionally and snatched your happiness. Akshu says no, he was trying to make things fine, so he gave Abhir to us. Muskaan starts arguing. She says Abhir regards Abhinav as his father, but maybe you didn’t regard him as family, you are sympathizing with his killer, your ex husband. Akshu asks her to think and speak. Muskaan asks didn’t he come between Abhinav and you, Manjiri said she wants to see you and Abhi, now Abhinav is gone, Manjiri and your dream… Manish says enough, not a word more, Muskaan… Suwarna says forgive her, please. Dadi says calm down, else you will get unwell. Manish scolds Muskaan.

He asks how dare you say that. Akshu says its okay. He says Akshu also lost her husband and we all lost Abhinav, we also think she is wrong, question her, but you have no right to question her character, shut up, I m not done yet. He asks how long will I see the questions on Akshu, we have seen Abhinav and Akshu were happy together, why does Akshu need to prove her truth always, why women are questioned in our society, if Abhi did this, then everyone would have praised him. Akshu says my decision won’t change, I will show the proof in the court as Abhi’s lawyer, not Abhinav’s wife. They see Abhir and Ruhi. Ruhi says thanks for fighting for poppy. Akshu stops Abhir and says listen to me. Abhir says no. She says I know you are hurt.

Manish says how much sorrow will we see now. Abhi recalls Neil’s death. He thinks after all this, Akshu is fighting for me, what did I do for her, when she needed me, I didn’t fight for her. Kairav and Muskaan argue. He says you can’t question Akshu. She says you also think Abhi is innocent, see you have no answer. She says Abhi is alive and Abhinav is dead. She goes. Kairav says I hope Akshu thinks well. Akshu asks Abhir do you think I m do wrong, docman didn’t do wrong with your dad, so I m defending him, he tried to save your dad, I have the proof, I will show it to you, give me some time, trust me.
Abhir thinks of Abhinav and cries.

Abhi and Akshu try to help Abhir. Abhir goes. Abhi says he is suffering from depression. Akshu says he is nowhere, did he run away. They check the cupboard.

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