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The Episode starts with Akshu saying his school is getting missed, but how can he focus. Abhi says don’t worry, time is the best healer. Muskaan thinks he has come here just when he got free. Dadi asks Abhir to wake up, its not good to sleep in the evening. She says we will go out. He says no, let me sleep. She says I will get hot milk. He says no, I will go out, you aren’t letting me sleep. She thinks why is he getting angry. Ruhi says we can take Abhir to Disneyland to make him happy. Abhi says he wants his family. She asks did Maasa become a star like Papa. Aarohi and Manjiri get sad. He says yes, you know they would be talking now, your Maasa will always help us. Aarohi holds Manjiri‘s hand. Suwarna says don’t know when will life get normal. Muskaan says don’t know, go and sleep. They see Abhir. He watches tv. Suwarna asks why are you watching tv. Abhir says mum is there in room. I want to watch tv, you don’t let me sleep and watch tv. Akshu looks on and signs them. Suwarna stops Muskaan. They go. Akshu asks Abhir not to get stubborn.

Its morning, Abhir keeps Abhinav’s pic and says its your fav food, tea and cake, so I m also eating it. He eats the cake. Manish says case got over, why do you need to go to Kasauli. Akshu says my life is there, Abhinav won’t be there, but I will manage, Abhir might get happy, I will work hard for him. Suwarna says his memories are there. Akshu says its good to have memories. Kairav and everyone explain her. Abhir drinks the tea. Dadi asks Akshu to think of Abhi once. Abhi says no need to think about me. They see Abhi, Aarohi and kids at the door. Abhi says I don’t want to take Abhinav’s place, but I won’t step back from my responsibilities. Akshu says thank you. Muskaan goes. Kairav says sorry, she needs time, Abhinav’s loss is big. Ruhi and Shivansh make plans to go to Kasauli.

Akshu says I will get Abhir. Akshu and Abhi go. They see Abhir. They ask him to open eyes and get up. Abhir gets up and says I was feeling sleepy, so I slept here. Abhi says sorry, I wasn’t with you in the difficult time, I m your docman, tell me what happened. She asks are you okay. Abhir says yes. She asks him to go and play with Ruhi and Shivu. Abhir asks her to make Abhinav’s fav tea and cake. She nods. He goes.

Akshu says he was asleep, he asked me to give tea and cake. Manish and everyone say what, he asked us also and we also gave it to him. Kairav says I also made tea for him, he looked sad. Surekha says I also gave it. Akshu and Abhi run. Abhi asks where is Abhir. Ruhi says bathroom. Akshu asks how did he sleep after drinking so much tea. Abhi says cake had sugar. She checks the bathroom and says he isn’t there. Rveryone looks for Abhir. Akshu and Abhi hear Abhir’s talking in sleep. They see him and ask what happened, are you fine. He says I m stomach pain. Aarohi and Manish come. She asks why did you eat cake and drink so much tea. Manish asks shall I keep the pic here. Abhir doesn’t give the pic frame. Abhi says I think he is suffering from depression. Akshu worries.

Doctor says you were right, Abhir is suffering from depression, its first stage, he is overeating, its not good for health. She says he doesn’t talk or sleep on time. He says he lost his dad, he feels he is lost. Abhi asks how shall we make him believe that we are with him. Doctor says there shouldn’t be anything stressful, he was close to Abhinav, its clear, its your responsibility, forget everything, focus on Abhir.

Akshu recalls Abhir’s words. Akshu and Abhi have a talk. She says he is very little. He says we have to do anything for his happiness. She says we both aren’t enough for Abhir, we have to give him the support of both the families. Abhi says we will get the families together. She says Kanha ji gave us this chance to end the differences between the sorrow. Abhi says we have to fight his depression. He holds her hand.

Abhi sees his family. Akshu sees her family. Abhi says Abhir needs both the families, can we forget our problems and support Akshu and me. Akshu asks can you forget everything for Abhir’s sake.

Abhi and Akshu try to help Abhir. Abhir goes. Abhi says he is suffering from depression. Akshu says he is nowhere, did he run away. They check the cupboard.

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