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The Episode starts with everyone making Rakhis. Akshu asks Abhir which rakhi does he want. Ruhi says he is a boy. Abhi says boys and girls, both need protection. Akshu says I know Abhir would like blue color. Abhi asks where is Nishta. Parth says she has gone on girls trip, she took my credit card. They laugh. Aarohi says Akshu, Kairav needed protection from us. He says yes, you both have beaten me. Muskaan sees the rakhi and recalls Abhinav. She sees Abhi.

Manjiri says I have also made a rakhi for you. Mahima says even I have made rakhi for you, did you like it. Everyone smiles. Abhi asks where are the printouts. Abhir says I will get it. Ruhi says teach me to print. They go. Surekha says everyone is sensible here, we are finding happiness here, but much has happened between these families. Manish says we are trying to move on sincerely, if you are acting, do it sincerely, you can’t see others’ happiness. Surekha taunts Birlas. Ruhi gets the printouts. Abhi says paste it first. Ruhi says you don’t have patience. He goes to Abhir and says I will tie the shoelace. Abhir recalls Abhinav and says no. Abhi says you will fall, you tie it yourself. Abhir says no. Akshu says I will tie it. Akshu removes the shoes and goes to his room. He touches Abhinav’s pic. He gets inside a cupboard and locks the door. Akshu asks where did he go. Abhi says he would be here. She calls out Abhir. They come to the room. She asks did he run away again. He says I will call the police. They see the blanket hanging out of the cupboard. She opens the cupboard. They see Abhir sleeping inside. Abhir wakes up. They ask him to come out and sleep on the bed. She says its not a safe place, sleep on the bed, I will sing a lullaby. Abhir says no, leave me. Abhi says please come out. Akshu sees Abhinav’s pic and shows it to Abhi. They sit there. Manish comes and asks what happened. She says Abhir… Manish gets sad and holds them. He goes. Abhir sleeps. Abhinav takes Abhinav’s pic. Abhi takes Abhir outside and makes him sleep on the bed. The glass of juice falls. Akshu goes to get a towel to clean it. She gets Abhinav’s wallet. She recalls him and cries.

Abhi picks the clothes and takes the wallet. Kairav says I had to buy a lot of things for Abhir, I just got this car, I will buy his fav sports tshirt, you make tasty food for him. He turns and sees Muskaan. He says whatever happened with Abhinav was an accident, don’t make Abhi a villain, I know it is difficult, we have to move on. She says move on, it would be easy for Akshu but not for me. She argues. He asks how long will you hold Abhi responsible. She says until I m alive, I will hate him. Akshu wears socks. Alarm rings. She sees happy anniversary written. She sees Abhinav’s pic and wishes him. Abhi says I m trying to make everyone fine, but nothing is getting right. Shefali comes and says it will take time. He says its Abhinav and Akshu’s anniversary, Abhir was excited, today he was sleeping in the cupboard while hugging Abhinav’s pic, Akshu broke down seeing Abhinav’s stuff, what can she do, she is handling Abhir also, I can’t do anything, I just watch her and get scared. She says its not fear, but your decency, I don’t know what’s your relation called, but there is a relation of humanity, Akshu is sinking in sorrow, forget you are her ex husband and Abhir’s father, become her support, forget yourself and do it. He nods. Akshu says when life united us for the first time, we were different, we became parents before becoming partners, you would have said its same, its not the same, we would have celebrated anniversary for our sake, I would have given this sweater like every year, you would have bought new earrings for me, happy anniversary, you left without giving me a gift, I wanted to wear your fav socks, but I just got one, you are not here, my talks are incomplete. She hugs the pic.

The football breaks the car glass. Akshu challenges the boys. Abhi asks who will play. She says my Abhir will play, I will bring his smile back, it’s a promise.

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